They don't care.

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They don't care.
28 Apr 2015
I am writing this review here because by looking at other posts, I have seen more replies on this review site than I've had by actually being their customer for the last 16 months. I am thinking that if I air my issues here then someone might actually get back to me about them. I would love it if we could have a public exchange of customer service here so that Solid Commerce would have an opportunity to show that they can address our complaints.

Response times

The best we could get was one response per day by email. You get one answer to one question a day. Don't bother sending a list of questions in an email, they will answer the first question and ignore the rest. If you call and someone actually answers then they will "get back to you" about your questions after they find them out for you. This makes learning how to use the software arduous to say the least.

I tried to call a supervisor about this, but I do believe they forward their phones to an outsourced messaging service and so even after leaving messages twice I was never able to talk to someone about my issues with my account representative.

Escalating Issues

Issues don't seem to get resolved they get "escalated." Currently, we have an issue where only part of the order is synced with the shipping software . The order will get partially picked and mailed out and we won't know that we've messed up until an unhappy customer lets us know. We've contacted Solid Commerce about this. They have admitted that it is an issue and they "escalated" it. It has not been resolved for 2 months. About 1% of our orders are messed up in this way. For us this is about 30 orders a month. Imagine coming in everyday to an email that says, "Hey, you messed up my order!" This problem has pushed us over the edge and is why we are now considering taking our business elsewhere.

Solid Ship
Part of the reason that we switched from our previous marketplace management system was because of the features that were promised in Solid Commerce's shipping software Solid Ship. Unfortunately, Solid Ship did not live up to any of its hype and we had to go back to and continue paying for ShipWorks. Solid Ship claimed to offer functionality that would allow you to scan your order as you picked it and flag errors if picking errors are made. That didn't work. We could not even get Solid Ship to synchronize correctly with Endicia so that we could print shipping labels. Support was taking so long that we gave up on using it.

Buggy Updates
We had a problem where our inventory levels were being severely messed up. After doing a complete inventory, only a couple of weeks later we would see items with wildly wrong quantities. This would cause us to sell lots of things we didn't have and not sell things we did have. We asked Solid Commerce for help and they claimed that their logs showed that we had done bad uploads ourselves and there was nothing wrong on their end. We tried to tell them that we had not done the uploads the logs were showing and they "escalated" the issue. This problem lasted for 2 months and we got no help from Solid Commerce. (Which we were pretty much used to at this point.)

We figured it out ourselves, however. Solid Commerce uses a widget that works in Excel and allows you to upload quantities and changes to items. The widget is supposed to update automatically. However, on the last update, ours did not update. We had no idea that our widget was outdated and it was causing us to upload wrong quantities of things.

No Support Representative

Our last representative seemed like a nice guy but he left the company. 2 and 1/2 months later we got a name for our new "representative." However, they didn't give us any way to contact that new person and we still have not heard from them to this day and have no representative. It's been 6-8 weeks.

I do want to say that Laina contacted us and was very nice although not that helpful.
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Re: They don't care.
6 Jul 2015
sayin they dont care is the nicest way to describe.
worst customer service i have ever dealt with. no solution for anything , no response for couple days. but if you go to their website, you have (!)DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER
i dont know where he is since the first phone call.
this company is no better than any other application. expensive mistake. definitely STAY AWAY from them. ESPECIALLY If you are a real business with high volumes, go try something else
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