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Listing Times
31 Jul 2006
Does anyone have any information to point me towards statistical averages of users online on eBay by time and date?

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Listing Times
19 Aug 2006
Good times for people on eBay is friday afternoon, and sunday morning. Avoid holidays as people are away. Before Christmas is also a good time to sell.

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Re: Listing Times
28 Aug 2006
Hi blackstar,

Only eBay themselves will have primary data on that, and its not something I have ever known them to make public.

Its possible that someone has researched this independantly of eBay, e.g. by surveying users. You could try a Google Scholar search. I took a quick look myself but couldn't see a good fit with what you are looking for.
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Re: Listing Times
12 Sep 2006
acutally, the solution that had worked best for me is Mpire Researcher . although it does not provide statistical information on the general traffic of eBay by time and date, it does seem to be pretty darn nice for exact search terms, keywords, suggested auction start time, etc...

thank you for the help though, guys.
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Re: Listing Times
13 Nov 2006
I have many theories about this. I believe actually that Fridays are not good days. People may be getting their paychecks that day, but it hasn't got cleared by the bank. The last thing people want to do when they get home from work, is to spend time on their computers on a Friday. It's family night. I have a ton of other theories as well.

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