Disaster - waste of our time - avoid at all costs!

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Disaster - waste of our time - avoid at all costs!
2 May 2015
Avoid at all costs or it will be at great cost to you and your staff. A massive waste of time in trying to get the software to work. We could not get it to work.

Website Sales pitch - good but thats as good as it gets.

Salespitch - not trained - made false promises about software capabilities.

Training - it took 11 days to get training organized and three weeks later still not completed. You pay for integration and training, with a money back guarantee for 10 days. They extended it to 14 as we had so many issues trying to get the program to integrate. But it never did, a simple upload constantly failed.

Reporting - has little to no ability to pull reports, we learned in training!

Broken promises - does not work with Stamps.com. It can't get any more basic than that.

CEO - does not respond to emails. From the top to the bottom with this company it appears that this is the reaction, slow or no response.

Technical support - untrained, refer you to videos (that you have already watched) to attempt to answer your questions. They do not and instead waste more of your time. The technical support have no clue.

Chat - it can take 1.5 hours to answer a question and you are told "we are busy with other customers".

Excuses - so many but here are our favorites - we have so many customers, you should have not been told that (false sales pitches), we will get back to you, let me refer you to another department (they did but either they never contacted us ore were as useless), I will refer you to another manager, we don't get complaints, we have 2000 customers using our software who don't have problems.

Emails - don't get answered or if does it can takes days. The answers usually refer you to a video, that does not help or is updated.

No followup - no customer service, they have no clue of what it is like trying to get the service you paid for to actually work.

Software - could never get it to work so can't comment if it actually works. We tried for 3 weeks and filed a termination.

Refund - they did this right. WE REFUNDED ON THE LAST DAY to avoid the next issue of losing our money paid for "training".

At the end of the day, this company has little leadership from management, no clue of customer support, pathetic technical support and if they don't invest some cash in training the folks they have and hiring more people - they will go out of business taking your time and money with them.

Avoid at all costs, or it will cost you, at the very least a huge amount of your time. You are better to go back to your excel spreadsheet than use Solid Commerce.
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