Worse than turbolister

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Worse than turbolister
13 May 2015
This is by far the worst product I have ever used. I am glad I only used the trial. I had so many problems with this software.
At first I couldn't even register the program to begin using it until I had to contact customer service, WHICH, doesn't even give you a phone number. Instead you have to send a support ticket and wait almost 24 hours for them to get back to you.

Once they figured out why I couldn't even begin using the program the next issue was just trying to do a full import of my listings. This process took almost 3 days with leaving my computer on overnight. I have the fastest internet available and doing this on a brand new quad core desktop computer.

I then tried to do a full export to CSV and thats where absolutely nothing went right.

Mind you EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a problem I need to fill out a support ticket and wait only through delayed email responses. Only if I begin to show my anger through emails will they ever call you. Otherwise they will just ask you to troubleshoot starting from the begining... what is your internet connection like?, how many things are you trying to import?, restart your computer.... blah blah blah just filler time between emails.

I would finally get on the phone with some representatives and then they would start bickering amoungst themselves on what to do.

I am glad I didn't give this company a single dime. If you don't believe me, use their "free" trial (if you consider your time wasted as being free).
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