New eBay Tool, List'd Express Launches

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New eBay Tool, List'd Express Launches
2 Aug 2006
As eBay has grown and offered more services, the process of selling items on the site has become increasingly complex. A seller has to go through a time-consuming five pages to get an item listed through eBay. List’d Express hopes to simplify this process with its one-page listing tool.

List’d Express offers sellers an intuitive and slick user-interface that makes listing on eBay a breeze, it does a lot of the hard work for you.”

All users of List’d Express get free image hosting, free scheduled listings, and free hosting templates.

New eBay users and PowerSellers alike will benefit from this user-friendly tool. List’d Express puts the fun back into listing items on eBay. Log on to to sell an item on eBay.

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