Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness

A review of Volo by JustSport-Jack
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Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness
28 May 2015
We have been a part of Volo now for 3 months, since then we have seen our sales figures increase dramatically and we have only just got started.

With regards to the implementation, this was a smooth process, with great training then superb support from the implementer I was assigned. In the past I have had experience setting up and using different systems in the past, and this has been the best I have used by far. The training that Volo provide really gets you used to the system and gives you everything you need to get going. There's a lot of different tools and things to help the smooth running of our business, there's lots we have used but still stuff that we haven't but we will be using in the future.

After the implementation phase you get assigned an account manager, who is always on hand to help you with problems and come up with ideas to help improve your business. And so far this has been excellent for us, only last week we had a massive problem that could of really affected our business for the long term (not our fault or Volo's but a selling platform that the name i will not mention) so I contacted my account manger and and they along with their manager done everything they could to help us, and because of their help the problem was resolved within a couple of days and everything has gone back to normal, with out that i would dread to think what would of happened to us.

As mentioned I have only been a customer for 3 months but this is by far the best multi channel system I have used (I have used a few), not only is the system great but the service we receive to help us grow is superb. Volo have also started monthly workshops which I have attend, first one being Cross Border Trade, witch we all know can be a grey area, and they invited all different companies to talk on how they can help us reduce our cost and increase sales and improve our customer service. I got a lot out of that work shop, and think it's a great touch as it all FREE.

Overall I would recommended Volo to any online company that's looking to succeed in the E-Commerce world, these are just not a Multi Channel System Provider, they are a Partner to your business, one thing I would say is don't get scared off by the monthly fee, and think you will get a good service from something that is cheaper, I made that mistake and it really put us a step back rather than forward.
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Re: Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness
29 Dec 2015
@JustSport-Jack - Can you tell me what that monthly fee is?
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Re: Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness
25 Feb 2016


What other multichannel systems did you try? What was you experience with them?

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Re: Excellent Service, Great Partner for buisness
8 Apr 2016
Any update from the US side ? All I see is from UK.
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