Did amazon change buybox eligibility for FBM?

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Did amazon change buybox eligibility for FBM?
29 May 2015
I got a huge drop of buybox share overnight, i lost buybox share on almost 40% of products where Amazon was a direct competitor or 3rd party sellers using FBA.
Any1 else had a similar problem on EU marketplaces?
I had a small drop in seller rating to 99.16% in the same period (around 2 days ago) so i am not really sure whether it's just me or it's a common practice.
On some products my price is somewhat 10% lower than Amazon price and still my buybox share is 0%.
Any1 else having this problem?
Thanks in advance for your replies!
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Re: Did amazon change buybox eligibility for FBM?
31 May 2015

Not just you, we have had a large number of losses on the buy box recently but it has not dropped our sales significantly.

It could be down to Amazons 'Get 4 for the price of 3' offer that they have on in the Home and Garden category.

Don't forget, no matter what your feedback, price or number of sales, if Amazon want the Buy Box they will have it !!!
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Re: Did amazon change buybox eligibility for FBM?
2 Jun 2015
We are not on FBA but our share of the buy box has also vanished and I cannot find out why - as far as I am aware it should be shared with all who are eligible i.e metrics ok and also within 2% of the price--- or am I wrong ?

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