Andale bulk loader vs online lister

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Andale bulk loader vs online lister
5 Aug 2006
To those of you thinking about using the bulk loader feature of Andale I have one thing to say DON”T.

The horror story goes like this.

When using the bulk loader you will have a learning curve that’s not to hard to figure out. The bulk loader seems like it will do everything for you but once you get all you data loaded it needs to go to the Andale servers for them to list items for you. Here is where the problems come in.
If you don’t create your market profile first ALL data you have entered will be lost once you click on that data field.
You are forced to use Andales system for images, that will will upload from your computer for you (that’s kinda a nice feature for some people I guess), I have my own website that I wanted to link my pictures from but the bulk loader won’t let me do that.
Finding the scheduler (for when you want to have items listed) is not initiative for the user, it’s auctaull part of the send to andale server process.

Ok…. So far we have jumped through all the hoops and we are ready to check our items online just to make sure everything is set up right……

The andale online lister has some bugs of its own.
Most of the online page will follow the defaults that you have listed from the bulk loader with one huge exception. The scheduler will always assume you only want to list an item once right now. Sooooo now you need to have a data list off of andale of which item gets scheduled when. The other “fun” thing about this section is that will uncheck the realist to eBay if the auction doesn’t sell.
The other fun thing is you now have the option of not using a SKU number if you don’t want to.

So be warned what you enter into the bulk loader is not what you get. So you can either learn just the online version (my recommendation) or learn the bulk loader and be in for a surprise once you load everything onto their servers.

All in all I think their product is OK. I’m in a slightly different situation than most because I manufacture what I sell and I’m the only person in the world selling my type of stuff. So some of the features don’t apply to me and I just brush over them (SKU#, # in stock, cost of stock, etc, if I need more I just make more).

Hope that helps you folks.


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