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Absolutly Amazing
1 Jun 2015
Hi, this is a great piece of software all around if you sell on Amazon, eBay etc and also customer service email accounts. They can all be linked together instead of spending and wasting time longing in and longing out of various platforms. It is a solution for all email.

I will be honest it did take 2 attempts in order to get the time to set it up, as it looks quite complex, however on the face of things it was very easy. The looks of the software are very basic not very clearer to begin with but we stuck with it for a few days just to get the hang of of it.

The integration it self its straight forward and took about 10 seconds for the eBay integration to link to RM and then took around 1 hour to fully sync all message, after this is done you have too clean the messages you have done to the ones you have not done. with regards to the Amazon email this is far simpler and easy as you just us your POP/IMAP settings for the webmail account(s).

the support is also very good and double check what you do for the first few days to make sure all is okay.

Thanks, Sam
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