Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)

A review of Wiser Optimization by bobsiddy
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Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)
2 Jun 2015
The theory of this program is what everyone wants...the reality is a program that does what you want it to...for about 1/1000th of your inventory, specifically on eBay....there is just not enough data on eBay from each seller to accurately reprice against someone. Want a repricer for Amazon? Well there about 1000 options for you there. Wiser, as a company, is not great to work with either. They will push stuff through without your permission, unless you catch it first, and they lock you into contracts, which for a small company probably isn't the greatest idea...
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Re: Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)
19 Oct 2017
Two posts have been deleted because it's against our rules for suppliers to post recommending their own products.

No more posts from suppliers please. Suppliers are allowed to send PMs about their products/services.
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Re: Don't Use Wise Pricer (Wiser)
5 Jun 2019

Well, it appears I'm a few years late to this site so I apologize for the terrible experience you had. Since that time we've acquired multiple companies and rearchitected our entire service. If we can be of any assistance please visit our site to see the latest.

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