UPS Access Point. Are you ready? It stinks.

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UPS Access Point. Are you ready? It stinks.
10 Jun 2015
We got a call from a customer that her high end food package wasn't delivered to her but to a somewhat local dog food emporium. We did some research and it turns out that UPS now has a new program where they will attempt one home delivery and then it will go to an Access Point, which normally would be a UPS store but sometimes just a local business that has agreed to receive the packages. You can pay an additonal $2 to guarantee home delivery.
I understand UPS has an issue with home deliveries BUT
1. No one knows about this so guess who is going to do their customer service for them and field all the calls?
2. They were so horrible this last Christmas that I don't trust them. Drivers wouldn't see a car at home and wouldn't bother attempting deliveries.I had several frantic calls and all of them led to the conclusion that UPS was being less than truthful.
3. More and more companies are offering free shipping. This is a way for UPS to raise prices and have it screw up our margins, not theirs.

There had to be a better solution.
Have you dealt with this yet?
First thing I did was call our Fedex rep. We've been almost exclusive with UPS but I think this romance is ending.

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