Best Marketplace Multichannel in the Markert. Period!

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Best Marketplace Multichannel in the Markert. Period!
10 Jun 2015
I'm a real seller, capstoreonline, you can search for our company in any of the major marketplaces. I cannot say the same about some of the bad reviews here, as they do not specified who they are. I saw this page with bad reviews and I had to write something.
I've been using SC for several years. I sell in all major marketplaces, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten, Amazon Ca and Big Commerce (own site). I'm not going to say that i did not run into problems a couple of times, but they were always there to help me. Their Shipping tool is outstanding, and We wouldn't able to ship 3000 orders (like we did this past Christmas) if it wasn't for it. I Think that most of the people that they have problems with the Software, is mostly because they are not computer savvy. I saw lots of people getting in the e-commerce business, not knowing anything (they think that they do) about templates, images, html, excel and databases in general. You cannot open a Repair shop if you do not know how to use an screwdriver, and then blame it to the instructions manual.
If you are selling in multichannels, this tool will help you to keep inventory, creating dropship orders, re-pricing and much more.
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Re: Best Marketplace Multichannel in the Markert. Period!
16 Jun 2015
@Capstoreonline but they don't and won't offer a simple picking list with kit components. The packing list that shows kit components ends up on two page for what should be one. And there is no header on page 2. So if you print 30 orders, all with two pages and drop the stack, you're looking at reprinting 30 orders. I requested a simple packing list. They offered a horrible work around. If your business needs something different, a minor printing program, forget it. I got out before it went from bad to worse,

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