Eight Years And Counting

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Eight Years And Counting
11 Jun 2015
I have been with Solid Commerce for going on eight years now. I switched integrators back in 2010 for 1 month and saw I was with the best and quickly switched back!
Their platforms performance and easy to use system makes Solid Commerce my first choice in web fulfillment.
The fact that I can teach my inventory, shipping and clerical people its usage so simply makes it a dream to use.
I am a happy proprietor with Solid Commerce as my cyber partner!
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Re: Eight Years And Counting
3 Jul 2015
has been 5-6 months,. software has potential but CUSTOMER SERVICE for Solid Commerce is a JOKE. almost none of my issues was fixed by them. i am pretty sure you did not need them for any serious issues or they offered you something to put your comment here. Otherwise i will be

It's good that you are happy but this software sorry this customer service is super risky for any seller with high volumes. i have 4-5 cases has been almost a month . sales went down more than half. i sell 60-90 orders per day normally but last couple weeks im under 35 orders per day just bc they dont care .

if i knew they dont provide customer service, i would definitely go with Ecomdash or any other cheaper option. i thought they would provide good customer service but they are just good sales people.

Good luck with your business and hope you dont need them for any serious issues!
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