Too expensive for the revenue generated

A review of WebInterpret by Jax Music Supply
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Too expensive for the revenue generated
18 Jun 2015
I had no problems with the service itself. The representatives were always polite and I had excellent responses to any questions I have. Generally, my issue was that the sales it generated were not worth the cost of the service. The service costs $125 a month and you get a few listings (100 I believe) across a bunch of eBay marketplaces. If you have a long tail business, this isn't enough listings to generate revenue to make this worth it. A lot of the revenue we got through the program was English speaking - Great Britain was number 1! We can get Great Britain for free! We were hoping for more French and German. These turned out to not work in our niche. Additionally, you are charged listing fees to list in these other marketplaces. It may be worth a test if you are willing to sell overseas but watch the revenue generated (WebInterpret provides reports for this) and determine how much revenue you need to pay for the service.
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