Great platform lacking customer service.

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Great platform lacking customer service.
21 Jun 2015
SureDone is probably the best platform we have used in our 2 year search for a complete listing/inventory management platform but unfortunately we have terrible luck with customer support and a very painful onboarding process which led to items not syncing and listings getting canceled mysteriously.

The number one reason we use this type of software is to keep inventory in sync and during two different onboardings (we switched away from Suredone the first time as we there weren't enough features for us to justify the cost at the time) we ended up with more overselling then we had in any 12 month period. This was not always the fault of Suredone as we had some sku's that needed to be manually matched as they were not the same but how this was handled by Suredone versus other companies was not good and took way to long. Sellbrite allows user to do all onboarding themselves (and fix sku's), Ecomdash spent 5 minutes matching sku's (from Amazon and eBay active listing downloads) while we were on the phone with them. With suredone this process took weeks and led to a lot of overselling despite being told we were good to go and could disconnect from our other inventory management which had kept us in sync perfectly.

In our first attempt to use Suredone we had a very helpful representative that helped us get our sku's matched up but it certainly still took longer then it should. The second time we signed up this process ultimately never happened and with our Amazon and eBay accounts getting defect after defect we had to cease using the platform. We even submitted the exact spreadsheet that we used the first time with Suredone but our new representative wanted us to completely redo the matching in a format he wanted rather then what someone within the same company was able to use.

Ultimately a lot of the problems seem to stem from a touch of arrogance in which software engineers are trying to work alongside retailers. When nearly 30 listings mysteriously were canceled we asked our rep to help us get them live again and his reply was "We are not a listing company" (to which I thought ..your not a listing canceling company either). In Suredones defense this rep was later fired for what I can only assume was gross incompetence.

On another occasion another rep told me "Oh yeah we have heard your name a lot around here lately"... well I'm sorry if I want the very expensive software I'm paying for to actually work correctly and if I'm incredibly concerned that I'm selling inventory that I don't have because the platform is not yet tracking inventory despite me being told that it was.

Those are my gripes and its a shame because the software actually works very well and in some instances we had great service but were bounced form rep to rep and the service was very inconsistent. We have tried around 6 platforms in the past two years including Sellervantage, Sellbrite, ecomdash, Channel Grabber, and some others and Suredone has been hands down the best (especially after recent upgrades they have made).

So the good:

The listing tool is the cleanest and easiest to use of any platform we have used. We sell mostly one off items so using bulk uploads doesn't help us a ton and having a listing tool like Suredones really helps us crank out product listings.

Bulk editing and inline editing tools are huge time savers.

Webstore works nicely and its easy to seamlessly list your items to website alongside other markets. We do not sell a ton on a website so we did not dig too deep into the power of it versus the Shopify's and Big Commerces but for our needs it was great.

Reporting has been evolving and getting better and better.

I'd give the platform itself 5 stars and the customer service 1 star and its a pity as we would love to be using the platform now but at 300-500 dollars a month there has to be better and non-condescending support.
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Re: Great platform lacking customer service.
22 Jun 2015
@thegearattic thank you for the constructive feedback. You were a pleasure to work with, it was just the data that was difficult. The last thing we want to be is just another software providing mediocre support and a partial product. SureDone is building an onboarding platform that will make it user-friendly to adjust the user's own account when signing up. Currently, there is a human interaction to make sure the business account is setup properly.

Regarding your items across eBay and Amazon, there wasn't a unique identifier to match the items together. eBay's Custom Field nor SKU matched, nor did the titles match. After going through your account a few times and trying to manually spot the items that should be matching, we simply couldn't provide a solution for you without any matching inventory.

It's interesting to know that a software was able to match up your inventory and would be interested to know if you experienced any incorrectly matched items or incorrect quantities after the matching.

We apologize for all of the issues that Gear Attic experienced. We just currently don't have a product matching engine when nothing matches across multiple platforms. Good luck to future endeavors and I hope you find a solution that works great for your business.
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Re: Great platform lacking customer service.
22 Jun 2015
Thanks for your follow up. We understand that some of the data was non-matching but the issue for us was that one rep asked us to match them which we did and went on to have syncing data but during our second attempt at using the platform another rep refused to use the matching data that a previous rep had used. We were asked to go through our entire inventory again and create matches when we had all the mismatched sku's already matched and in a spreadsheet.

The most frustrating part of this was that days and days were going by while we accumulated order defects due to over selling and no one seemed interested in helping get it sorted... on top of that we had a platform working and syncing while we onboarded but were told to unhook it and were assured we were good to go with Suredone. Once we were assured of this we have a certain expectation that things will work and if they don't they will get working quickly. We ultimately had to remedy the over selling by Reconnecting to the other platform where we had all of our inventory syncing (starting back over with that platform from scratch) within a few hours.

With regard to the other platforms matching, they certainly do not do it automatically but they do allow the user to quickly, easily, and intuitively, go through items that the software sees has no match and either create a new product or match to existing. While another platform used the matching sheet that Joe and I created but another rep refused to use, to match the items within their software. Both of these we have had great success with but neither platform offer the many other great features that you guys have.

I feel as though we were very patient but when we start to risk getting kicked off of our selling markets for not filling orders there was simply no other option but to revert to something we knew would stop the bleeding.

In all honesty it pains me that it the 2nd effort did not work out as we would love to be using what we feel is the best platform out there.
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