Introduce yourself here

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Introduce yourself here
22 Jun 2015
Today I'm starting up a new introductions thread.

Please say who you are, what you do, and what you'd like to talk about in the forum... and if there's anything you would like other members to contact you about.

To get things started, I'm Andy, the founder of Web Retailer. This is my full-time business.

Happy to talk about anything to do with selling through online marketplaces.

PM me if you have a story to tell about your ecommerce business, or if you are a marketplaces expert and interested in writing an insightful and useful post for Web Retailer members.

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Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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2nd Office
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Re: * * * Introduce yourself here * * *
22 Jun 2015

First off, I would like to say that you're doing a great job of building up the community! The recent articles and real stories of people are great!

Hi everyone, I'm Carlo, co-founder of 2nd Office Inc. 2nd Office is an outsourcing/offshoring company in the Philippines that specializes in eCommerce. Our mission is to help eCommerce Sellers cut their costs and grow their business.

My experience spans over 13 years of selling online. I'm a former online retailer and have owned 4 different online businesses in the past before starting 2nd Office.

I hope to share my knowledge and experience with everyone in the community, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did!

Please feel free to ask any questions or PM ME! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone in the community!

Now I'm off to go read the most recent article that was just posted. Catch you guys later!

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Re: Introduce yourself here
1 Jul 2015

Hi everybody.

It's me, Ian, the Purple Monkey. I have been designing websites and eCommerce sites for longer than I would like to (or can) remember.

Experience with WidgetChimp, WebInterpret, Shopify, Linnworks, Wordpress, eBay, Amazon, PrestaShop, MeanRepricer, ReplyManager and Joomla to name but a few.

More than happy to give advice or try to answer any questions regarding websites or e-commerce.

  • Happy customers
  • e-mails that say I have won the lottery
  • Well cooked steaks
  • Pubs that serve real ale

  • Dislikes
  • Dishonest buyers
  • Spoof e-mails
  • Over cooked steaks
  • Pubs with plastic dinosaurs in the garden

  • Seriously though, if you have a question, want a chat, or would like a no strings attached appraisal of your website, and you think I am the only one on earth who can help you please PM me or post on this forum and I will do my very best to help. I don't do myths, I don't do jargon, I don't do corporate sales speak, just good old fashioned honest talk.

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    E-commerce , love it or hate it, that's why we are here
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    1 Jul 2015
    I am Pat and my company is Woodlands of Maine. I am fairly new to selling online and currently selling on Amazon but have some experience with eBay. I am also thinking about doing drop shipping from another company. Life is a learning experience and I am here to learn from all of you.

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    Seller Labs
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    1 Jul 2015
    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Jeff Cohen and I run sales, marketing and business development for Seller Labs. Seller Labs is the creator of Feedback Genius, Snagshout and other awesome SaaS products for Amazon Sellers.

    I have been in eCommerce for almost 20 years creating my first website back in 1997. My first retail website was which we launched in 2007. After managing this site I ran the book comparison site I joined the Seller Labs team earlier in 2014.

    I love talking eCommerce, Amazon, business and more. I look forward to meeting other people and sharing knowledge.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    2 Jul 2015
    Hello everyone,

    My self Erika and I join this community to know about various marketplace trends, inventory management, integration with marketplaces, marketing trends etc.

    I work for Orderhive software and I am a marketing executive in this company. I glad to meet you all in this community. I find this forum a right place to discuss about my interesting topics, so I join this forum.

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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    2 Jul 2015
    Good Afternoon,

    I'm Hugh "Ready4Export" Kukard, I'm an Excited, Passionate South African who is fired up about Africa's exciting future, the potential on offer and its long over due economic growth.

    Who is Ready 4 Export, we officially a new company in the eyes of SARS (SA Tax regulator) and once registered we will also be an Exporter, Service provider of Export services to small and medium sized companies exporting or never sent a email out of the country.

    My passion is International Trade, I spent 15 years in freight forwarding, working for some large global players, I also have experience in Logistics and Supply Chain, working as the SCO for large Zimbabwean Company, Fast Food Chain industry that has a network of outlet in Africa 700+ stores, 7 brands,We supplied our branded consumables from South Africa to these regions but also cross traded with suppliers in other countries like Portugal, Malaysia to save time and money. All based in Africa and supplied goods through 9 distribution centers to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and believe it or not Zimbabwe was the biggest trading country at the time in comparison to the rest of the network.

    So just to confirm we all addicted to Exporting, helping our customers achieve efficient cost effect devilries through creative Supply Chains throughout Africa and the rest of the World. We all looking for counseling to help easy the stress of our addiction (yet to find any help so we will continue) O yes I would like to introduce my self "Hi My Name is Exports and I have a Hugh Problem"

    Most companies around the World not only South Africa and I'm sure its save to say, are looking for new opportunities to stay relevant. As the Globe becomes less restricted through import regulations, import duties and taxes, the more competitive industries become resulting in less share, Customers expectations changing, it isn't brain surgery to know that to remain focused on business growth in limited sized market has to be explore opportunities beyond its boarders.

    So this is where we are, needing to stay a head of the game (even before we officially start) and feel this is the next best step for future growth, the problem and I think it is a major one I don't have any knowledge or experience directly relating to E Commerce type of business especially running a one. Partly the reason I joined this group is learn from members and I'm willing to give freely any information I have that you may need in return.

    Great being part of this group, i appreciate you allowing me here.

    Hopefully we can chat soon.

    Many Thanks

    Hugh "Ready4Export" Kukard
    Ready 4 Export, International Trade Facilitator. Passionate & Dedicated to South Africa, our Beautiful Continent & its long over due economic growth.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    2 Jul 2015
    Hello from Kentucky! Looking forward to reading all here, learning from you, and all others. I love sharing ideas and will along the way. I am a dropshipper with eBay & Amazon through my business of DSDomination. Love sharing it, and telling everyone how they, too, can make a big difference in their personal lives with my company.
    Thanks for this wonderful place to help me and others succeed!!!
    God Bless.
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    David Bronstein TV Guy!
    2 Jul 2015
    Hi Everybody!
    I'm David Bronstein, CEO Of DB Entertainment!
    My Company Produces TV Infomercials And Realty Shows!
    We Do Business With Shark Tank Type TV Product Suppliers, Inventors, Manufacturers, Looking For THe Next Billion Dollar Tv Deal!
    Sham Wow, Slap Chop,Snuggie Blanket, Proactiv Etc!
    We Joint VEnture With eBay Power Sellers To Market Our AS Seen On TV Products Online, While My Company Bankrolls TV!
    Lets Make $10000000 Together Today!!
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    4 Jul 2015
    Hello I am Sumon the Chief Executive, DTP & SEO Expert at Clipping Path India-
    A professional offshore outsourcing company specialized in photo editing services. I'm really happy to be here. In my respite time, I like to cook, play, cycling, photography, song, design, watch creative work and travel, shop etc. Hope a good journey with all of you my dear friends.

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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    7 Jul 2015
    Hey everyone,

    So, I'm a power seller doing about 60,000 orders a month for my own brand of home appliance accessories, Crucial Brands. After 7 years of being a seller, I decided to build Skubana as there was no affordable, all-in-one operations system on the market. Skubana is an e-commmerce acceleration software that handles everything after the customer checks out on the marketplace (Amazon, eBay, Sears) or shopping cart (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce) which are all 1-click integrations. All on the cloud, nothing to download.

    We help you fulfill any way you process orders (printing shipping labels, FBA, MCF, Dropship, 3PL), we have OrderBots that automate that process. We also bring in all your inventory so you can manage it, juggle it and never run out of stock. Once your min. stock level is hit, we have a process that automates a purchase order and awaits your approval to be sent to the vendor. It's really an end-to-end system to run your entire e-commerce business.

    I highly encourage you all to checkout Skubana as you're e-commerce business deserves better.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    It would be great to talk shop with you, get to know my story and my brands through the interview on WebRetailer below.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    8 Jul 2015
    Hi, everyone!!

    My name is Stacy and I am the Marketing & Community Coordinator at Creatuity, a full service ecommerce development agency. We are based in Dallas, TX and have helped hundreds of clients with their ecommerce stores. Specifically, we focus on Magento but we also have worked on Yii, Wordpress and a couple other platforms.

    I am interested in this group and the discussions to network with ecommerce merchants, and to learn more about online marketing and ways to better market our company and products. If you are looking to start an ecommerce store or interested in consultation, support, or design, please feel free to contact me! Our office number is 214-810-5005 or you can always PM me on here! I'd love to network and help you with anything that I can

    And Andy, I would love to collaborate on a post for Web Retailer sometime in the future!
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    12 Jul 2015
    Hi, I'm Len Keller and I am currently in the research and business planning stage of getting into e-commerce. I am very happy to have found this site as it has steered me to legitimate information sources as most of what is out on the internet is scams.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    14 Jul 2015
    Hi Everyone,

    I just joined the community today! I am a British ex-pat living in Bangkok Thailand and I run an online Image Editing Company.

    With 10 years experience in the UK Fashion and e-commerce Industry I recognized the significance and importance of Professional Product Photography and hence Remove My Background was born!

    Our mission is to provide Fantastic Images (at rock bottom prices) that meet ALL of Amazon and eBay's strict Image Requirements.

    If you have any general questions about Product Photos, Amazon or eBay's Requirements just drop me a line and I'll do my best to help!

    Many Thanks,

    Image is Everything
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    15 Jul 2015
    Hi my name is Leanne and I am here for interest and research. I am an online seller with an eye on the market and online space.

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