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Tellico, TN United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Jul 2016

My name's Bruce. I sell collectibles and auto parts. I've been selling on eBay and Amazon for several years.

I enjoy this business and have found a lot of good information and direction on WebRetailer.

Thanks for the site and the opportunities.
Canada Canada
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Re: Introduce yourself here
25 Jul 2016
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Shawn Gavigan VP Sales @ CroJack. I specialize in offering great brand name product at fantastic prices. (Currently I have some great Disney and an brand name PlayDoh licensed toys at 50%+ off original wholesale plus much more) If you have an an online business and you are looking to increase your branded toy assortment I am your one stop shop.

CroJack works tirelessly with toy, children's product, sporting goods, electronics, gift, seasonal, pet and home goods manufacturers to quickly and quietly move their excess inventories outside of core and traditional distribution channels.

PM me if you would like more information about some of the great offers I have available.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Jul 2016
Hi Everyone,

I'm Marcus and I'm the founder of Assortify, a web-based product research tool that allows users to quickly find high margin products with customer demand and competitively price them. I started this company after spending over 10 years at a top 100 e-commerce company.

Most of my experience in e-commerce has been in web development, product management, competitive intelligence, and merchandising. I have experience with technical integrations with Walmart, eBay, and Amazon also.

I am passionate about product selection, pricing intelligence and working with marketplaces. I love to discuss anything e-commerce!
Spain Spain
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Re: Introduce yourself here
9 Aug 2016
Oi mate. I'm a newbie dropshipper and I are interested in learn all of online commerce.
Sorry for my english.
Netherlands Netherlands
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Re: Introduce yourself here
12 Aug 2016

My name is Sebastiaan, together with my two best friends we are running an eCommerce company from Holland. We started out with just a webshop, but since then we've grown to an international respected online retailer and since 2 years we are fully integrated with a lot of different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and A couple of months ago we've partnered up with Walmart as their first European seller.

Webretailer contains a lot of valuable information; hence the reason I signed up today. I am looking for new insights and knowledge. Potentially looking for a group of eCommerce masterminds to share information.

Please PM me if this sounds interesting to you. Don't hesitate to share your story.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
12 Aug 2016
Hi, everyone,

Our company name is

We are re-launching an affordable POS, Amazon, and eBay inventory, listing, and order management software.

Inventory Management, Listing, Order Management a|

Imagine a multi-channel platform that cuts your labor in half and lowers fees by up to 95%. Imagine a management platform that frees you from spending your day putting out fires and instead empowers you to concentrate on your businesses’ growth.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? It isn’t. It starts with integrating the platform for your business, which is a cheaper, faster way to manage and fulfill your multi-channel operations, including inventory control, order fulfillment, POS, website at affordable pricing.

Alhambra, California United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Aug 2016

Thanks for creating the website to help online retailers.

Hi, Everyone!
Nice to meet you here, I have started Google Adwords since 2003, and Ecommerce since 2009. I like to discuss internet marketing, ecommerce questions with you guys in this community.
I have been developing a tracking and notify system since last year. I hope it would help online retailers improve efficiency and build stronger relationship with your customers.
Many Thanks,
Rochester New York United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Aug 2016
Hello Everyone,

My name is Janetta Ainslee - a senior content writer at - A reputed company that offers one of the best quality of Magento theme and template customization services at cost effective prices across the globe. Magentax delivered more than 50,000+ projects in 10+ years.
Boston, MA United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
19 Aug 2016
Hi everyone!

I just joined this community because I want to share my Google Shopping knowledge.

My super-brief ecommerce background is that I started at Exclusive Concepts (a marketing agency that works almost entirely with online retailers) back in early 2014 and have worked on more AdWords accounts than I can count. I still work at the agency now, but am trying to be more active in the ecommerce community overall.

I am very confident I can show you things to improve your Shopping campaigns by laying out the (often hidden) steps to identify and limit wasteful spend or double down on something that's performing well. Please, try me!

Here's an easy optimization if you've been adding a number of negative keywords (which you really should be!):

  • Create a new Shopping campaign targeting all your products
  • Set the max bid at one-third or one-fourth of your avg. cost-per-click

  • I'm sure you'll start to see some of the search terms you'd removed yourself from starting to perform at a much lower CPC and you'll gain some extra orders at a very low acquisition cost. It won't move mountains, but it'll give ROAS a boost and help you rethink some negatives.

    Feel free to PM me or track me down on LinkedIn or Twitter.
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    20 Aug 2016
    Hello Everybody,

    I am Vijay Singh and I am so glad to introduce myself here.

    I have been working as a customer care representative (via email) for a company that sells on Amazon. I had to discontinue the job for a short time to complete my studies. I must say that I loved the job that I was doing for the company and the company was very happy with my performance but they had to move on in my absence and they did.

    As I was looking for an opportunity to get back to doing what I loved doing, I came across this site. I have registered here and I hope that some of you will be able to guide me to get the kind of job that I am looking for.

    You can write to me at

    Planet Earth (Usually) United States
    Suzi Hixon
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    24 Aug 2016

    Kentucky girl here too!
    India India
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    26 Aug 2016
    @Andy, Hope you are doing good.

    I am Sanjay from India. I have a huge experience working on Online Sales. I have worked almost for 4 years selling on Amazon and currently I work as a seller on as well. I have worked for Capgemini also for 2 years.

    Since, I have started working on things are going good as I can use my expertise and experience.

    I would love to get connected with people who want to discuss something or want help or want to help. As I believe knowledge is something which grows when it's shared.

    Planet Earth (Usually) United States
    Suzi Hixon
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    26 Aug 2016
    Hi guys!

    I'm Suzi and I am a trademark attorney! I help my clients with trademark clearance, procurement, maintenance, policing/monitoring, and enforcement.

    I've been helping a lot of people recently who are private label sellers. I help them protect their brands AND get remove counterfeiters off of their Amazon listings.

    I'm happy to be here and I'm looking forward to making meaningful connections within this community!

    Brazil Brazil
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    27 Aug 2016
    Hi all,

    I am Howard, a British expat who now lives in California. Having worked for many companies as a salesperson over the years, the idea of being my own boss has my has capttured my imagination. I am very much interested in the world of ecommerce, and am an aspiring private label seller/retail arbitrageur. I have joined this community to learn as much as I can from newbies and experts.
    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    28 Aug 2016
    Hello Everyone,

    My Name is Vijay, and I am working as Business Development- Books and Stationary for new online start up in Dubai . People can connect me for other categories as well.

    Looking forward to make some good connection through this community.

    Happy to be here.



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