Introduce yourself here

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greetings 2nd office need some start up guideline?
11 Oct 2016
@2nd Office i am theo a new comer to so all the help i can get send them now i am not a rich person ,retired did not have a good pension so i have to substitute my income that s my reason. seen the blogs from people on the web retail buiss and i want to have a share of this now living in canada want to travel so i want to make some money hope you can help.
want to learn not a teacher wet but willing to learn so if i got taught then i can teach so teach me until i hear from some one have a good day.
New York United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
17 Oct 2016

Loraine here from amzLenders.

amzLenders is the world’s first loan provider designed exclusively for early-stage, cash-positive Amazon FBA businesses and sellers in the US. We aim to provide quicker, easier, and more affordable financing for FBA sellers.

At amzLenders, we understand just how hard financing can be to come by as a growing Amazon business. The company is built and owned by an FBA seller himself who understands the unique situations and struggles of growing an Amazon business. So we designed our process, requirements and terms to exclusively fit Amazon businesses. Our repayment are timed to match each Amazon payout, so it's always affordable.

Aside from just providing FBA business financing, we also aim to provide recommendations on how to improve selling account performance as well as assistance in the event of situations critical to continued business performance.

If you think our FBA financing solution will help your Amazon business, feel free to sign up ( to get notified as soon as we open our doors.

Thank you and more power!

amzLenders - Simple, fast and affordable financing for your FBA business |
Guangzhou China
Andy in Newchic
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Oct 2016
Hi everyone,

I am Andy from China, I am the Wholesale manager of a Fashion products company, We Wholesaler Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Beauty and other Fashion Accessories for Men and Women.

If anyone interested you can check our products on link here:

My email:
Skype: nc_wholesale02

Thank you guys
Guangzhou China China
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Re: Introduce yourself here
1 Nov 2016
Hello Everyone,

I am Iriis from Guangzhou China. I recently started a small business offering services in international trading. Many of my customers are Amazon sellers and Ecommerce businesses. So I have come online to learn more about the E-commerces and my potential customers.

I have worked in International trade- mainly in purchasing ( dealing with factories and production side) for 15 years, also spent a couple of years working in quality assurance. 2 years ago I joint my friends and started a logistic service firm mainly in international air freight. We did well by cooperating with Fedex, DHL,TNT and UPS and have become the most competitive agent in this area.

The new business we have now offers:
Air freight services. From China to America, Europe, Middle east, South Asia. We offer the most competitive prices in this area.
Air freight Door to Door deliveries to Amazon FBA centres (Duty Paid)
Amazon products packing, FBA cargo labeling, Pallets packing.
Goods Inspection and Quality Control.
Custom designed /private label products developing.
Factories auditing and sourcing.

We have plenty of experiences in the above mentioned services. Welcome to contact us for any information, advices and business cooperation!

Our Company: Guangzhou Naxin Trading Co. Ltd. My email:
Wrexham United Kingdom
Greig van Emmenis
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Re: Introduce yourself here
1 Nov 2016
Hi I'm Greig.

I'm currently selling on Amazon and eBay, and have joined today to see what I can learn and to try to improve my selling and sourcing.

I've been selling since February 2016 and I'm finding it more difficult than I first thought. It's getting easier though.

I'm looking forward to being able to take as much as I can from the information given, and I hope I can give a little back to those that need advice or help. If any of you can learn from my experience, it would be great.

I hope you're all having a productive day, take care!!
Pakistan Pakistan
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Nov 2016
My name is Hashim, I am a business marketer, I have a great interest in market and trade. And I have good contacts with the suppliers.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Nov 2016
Hi everyone

I’m Mary from the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA is the UK Competition Watchdog – we work to promote competition in the UK for the benefit of businesses, consumers and the economy at large. The CMA was formerly the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission.

In the run up to Black Friday we’re promoting best practice on pricing so businesses don’t fall foul of competition law. We recently fined an online seller over £160K for breaking competition law – they used automated re-pricing software to fix prices with a rival – agreeing that they would not undercut each other for products sold on Amazon’s UK website.

We are keeping a close watch on online markets. Ecommerce is evolving at a rapid pace and we want to remind sellers that competition law applies online as much as it does to bricks and mortar stores.
Here is a link to our advice around price fixing:

Plus we have a series of short films on YouTube that detail other business practices that break competition law and that could harm your business. You can watch these at the following link:

We want to help businesses understand what’s illegal so you can avoid breaking the law, but also so you can spot where you may be the victim of others acting illegally. If you think you’ve come across something suspicious – please get in touch with us via phone: 020 3738 6000 or email us:


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McComb Ms United States
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Opening Salvage Yard
23 Nov 2016
Hi, my name is Terrell. I am working on opening my own salvage yard. I work at a salvage yard for 8 years. Want to learn more about selling parts online. And selling parts global.
San Jose, California United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
29 Nov 2016

Introducing an Amazon repricing tool. We offer easy, efficient and affordable repricing for Amazon sellers.

Some of the features we offer:

• Import min/max prices from Amazon
• Safe Repricing
• Item Launching to Amazon
• Continuous repricing
• Powerful logging
• Folder management
• Training videos

Try AlphaRepricer free for 30 days.

We look forward to working with you and growing your business.

For details, go to:

Bothell, WA United States
Play It Koi
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Re: Introduce yourself here
3 Dec 2016

I am the owner/operator of a pond building, service & supply small business, called Play It Koi. We were first born this past summer in April and I've really enjoyed many aspects of business start-up, the meeting of so many great people who share a similar passion as I do for backyard ponds and watergardens and the satisfaction they have once the job is complete and ready to start adding Koi fish, plants, and other creatures.

Anyhow, one of the areas I've been struggling with and what brought me to this site is online/ecommerce sales. I have an online pond supplies retail store hosted on Shopify with ~ 1000 products,, and traffic to this has been just OK. So, In the last few weeks, I thought I would try Amazon and have started selling there. While shopping traffic has been decent and I am expanding my reach into the market, i'm also finding that everything is priced so competitively that after you take out the amazon 15% referral fee + their shipping fees + their $39.99/mo subscription fees that I'm actually losing $ there.

So, anyhow "welcoming to the joys of online retail" ehh? ;-)

My challenge: I've got to figure out a way to improve my operational efficiency & costs if I'm going to be successful in this market. Margins are thin and I'm realizing the name of the game is operational efficiency if I'm going to win in this space...

Areas I'm looking to improve by joining this site:
  • Find an easier way listing & maintaining product listings across multiple platforms (currently Using Shopify as my main ERP, amazon, and hopefully eBay once I feel like I've got a handle on Amazon)
  • Reduced shipping costs (drop shipping & self-fulfillment)
  • Pricing optimization with consideration of accurate shipping costs & market competition - how to I avoid costly mistakes? for instance, I just sold a product for $169, but the shipping on the darn thing was going to be $212 (OMG) Epic FAIL ;-)

  • Anyhow, I look forward to learning as much as i can here. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions as I learn to navigate this new (for me) world of ecommerce!
    Ben Cooke
    Play It Koi
    NYC United States
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    5 Dec 2016
    Hello. I'm Jim. I'm here because, well, it's fairly convoluted, but essentially, I graduated law school and soon had two questions: a) Why is there such a level of opacity between in my field between what I do and my clients' expectations and of course, the results and/or the fees (I had been in public and private criminal work and immigration and federal administrative work, so the stakes are high), and b) Why are existing practices suboptimal in nearly every sense of the word, even within the legal boundaries, including the use of tech, the wrong use of tech, the lack of interest in finding new ways to help our clients, lack of ways to connect to people who need services, set reasonable prices that cover our loans but are acceptable without the apperance of us being bad at what we do, which is an ethical duty (first part at least), and just a general malaise that sets in. Sure, 80 hour weeks suck, although my innate workaholicism would've driven me to something like that anyway, I felt that the field was lagging behind and stuck in the 1980s or something.

    I have a bit of a tech and marketing background and so I took some time and began to look at what I missed during my 3 years of law school and found that I missed a sea change, so I spent a year catching up. Luckily, all you do as a lawyer is read, so that's not hard. Encouragingly, not only does the law permit a fair amount of discretion and there are receptive judges and clients... some at least, but there are positive results in settings where we interact with third parties - trials, sentencing hearings, immigration hearings, etc. But so far, it's a piecemeal concept, and only tested in a very limited context, so it became clear that I needed to do something that killed two or more birds with one stone because while developing a legal startup that employed tech is pretty easy, pretty much everyone is doing it for the wrong reasons, in the wrong way, and at some point there will be trouble.

    E-commerce is actually something very interesting. Since administrative law is for some reason something I really enjoy, I also am familiar with the statutes, regulations, agency rules and practices, of many fields relating to commerce, tax, and such, or have friends who do. My work with or against the government helps me with seeing where the line is drawn legally agency-to-agency, generally speaking, and from there I'm effectively working in reverse, all I need is to develop at least on a per-jurisdictional basis or a broad set of concepts that is generally applicable within the boundaries, but this would mean that I need to find another way to pay rent as well, because would you let non-lawyers dictate how legal work is done on a firm or field level down to the brass tacks? Not that it's allowed anyway. How many Angel investors went to law school and have experience in my field? Looking at e-commerce, ultimately the law is a service industry, but we are selling ourselves and a product, more and more with the internet, with some fields dealing with multiple jurisdictions or even countries and cultures. We've seen automation, advertising, resource management, and more change at a great pace, and since the law also lends itself to niches, This might work as a good side gig and area of research as well as source of funding. Three birds 2 birds.

    I don't have a time limit since my legal product has no competition, and oh, I'm Chinese, I'm fluent, my family is in banking and manufacturing and government, to the point where you likely own something a family member of mine's factory produced. I also know of other sources and niches because of my background, and I'm not afraid to shake things up and figure out what might be lacking here as well.

    In my first month on eBay I won 2 disputes against eBay and 4 against Paypal, and I'm finding a lot of unnecessary acquiescence towards unreasonable buyers. So, still the same work. It's a big layered cake I'm baking.
    North Pole, AK United States
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    8 Dec 2016
    Hello everyone, I'm Bob, the new old guy on the block.Just wanted to say hello to everyone and comusta to Andy at 2nd Office (my wife is Filapina).

    I'll be trying to expand and create multiple income streams instead of staying so married to eBay while trying to stay warm here at in North Pole, AK, Santa's home town. It got down to -35F this week.
    Ukraine Ukraine
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    10 Dec 2016
    Hi. My name is Alex. I have more than 6 years of experience in software engineering and I also own ecommerce business.
    I'm looking to share my knowledge and experience and help others to achieve bigger results. I always seek new knowledge as well.
    Viet Nam Viet Nam
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    16 Dec 2016

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Phong. I'm a graphic design manager of a Marketing Design Company. After 15 year working as a designer I feel bored & tired and I want to change to be a freeman. I like to selling through online marketplaces. I just start with FBA Amazon & Dropshipping.

    I'm a newbie and stay here to learn experiences from you!
    Nice to hear some advands from you!

    wenzhou China
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    18 Dec 2016
    hello,everyone!I am a sourcing engineer in a china trading company, I sourcing something for our US client,he sells to Walmart in US,such as kitchen&washroom appliance and various household goods,and sometimes he has new ideas, I just develops for him, i am studing here and helping anyone if i can

    wenzhou beiyin importing Co.,ltd