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Re: Introduce yourself here
5 Feb 2017
Andy ,
Thanks for the fabulous platform, this will really help in connecting businesses internationally,

To introduce myself, I am into financing businesses and recently got involved with Exports of beverages, I am interested in export of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages from US. Looking forward to the new venture and making some fantastic contacts and friends worldwide.

Regards ,
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Re: Introduce yourself here
6 Feb 2017
Hi Everyone,

My name is Kim and I work at muloot based in the UK. We help eCommerce traders expand into the UK and EU MarketPlace and have a suite of services to help break down barriers.

We specialise in helping eCommerce traders with UK company setup, VAT, business banking, training solutions and inventory funding.

If anyone has any questions regarding setting up in the UK I am happy to help. Send me a PM and I will get straight back to you,

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Online reseller of electronics
7 Feb 2017
Looking for some great marketing ideas either seo , adwords , bing type stuff to market out products online. We basically sell stuff like this . were an authroized reseller and would like any marketing help you can give us.
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8 Feb 2017
Dear All Friends,

Glad to meet you all here.

Currently I am a professional sourcing agent now, engaging in auto parts products searching, quality controlling, shipment arrangement and risks controlling.

The products I have handled covering variety engine parts, suspension parts and also accessary, have service experience when in my last company for Brand TONNI in South Africa, MAXI in Brazil, BTI in Saudi Arabia , B*P in USA and so on who are the some big customers, so I know where and who can what products and how the quality the factory is.

I have keeping managing and communication with nearly 100 factories , arranged around 10 containers monthly, so I am sure I can support well.

If you have the demand on needing an agent for help you , pls do feel free to contact with me.

The agent commission will be competitive and can be negotiable!

Thanks very much for your support and your kind early response will be highly appreciated.

PS:My skype is: , welcome to contact.
My linkedin website:
Frances Chen | LinkedIn
View Frances Chen’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Frances Chen discover inside ...

Best Regards

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Kadar Khan
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Re: Introduce yourself here
9 Feb 2017
Hi Everyone,

I am Kadar Khan (aka. KK). I have been a banker, teacher, and an eBay seller.

I started selling online in 2004 and have since then sold more than 50,000 items on the eBay platform alone.

I operate in several eBay niches and my main account has accumulated around 22000+ positive feedback from delighted customers.

Although I do use the Amazon platform, but in a limited way as my main focus is eBay.

However, I have recently started focusing on Amazon FBA and the results are extremely encouraging.

I operate a few affiliate sites and have used EPN and Amazon sites successfully in the past. Recently, I have been shifting my affiliate business more to merchants outside these two platforms.

I am super excited to be a part of the community. I hope to contribute my part and learn from other experts and senior members here.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Feb 2017
Hi everyone,

I am new here, we are Wholesale and Retail Fashion

Thank you very much
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Amazon reselling approach
7 Mar 2017
Hi there

I just joined Amazon and would appreciate some websites which provide the catalogues and if there are buyers guides before you offer money in Shenzhou or somewhere else in China?

Sending a product from China directly to Amazon sounds a little risky ... or is it ... and even if it's a repackaged rebranded product, how can you quality control, provide any support or money back when you really don't know if a product is good bad or indifferent ?

Should you know a product like the back of your hand, or can I ask your opinions of when extra attention and questioning of a supplier in China is required, speaking another language - with different cultural norms, if they sent a cargo load of product which is going to be delisted in the US ?

I mean even if you're a newbie it doesn't mean you can't hold their feet to the fire, but if you're a newbie ... that's when the little things are really huge.

And can I ask about how many products one should start with and what the minimal capital would be recommended and what methods of products searching would help narrow down to the most effective results ?

I reside outside the US and haven't started yet, thanks and would appreciate assistance ... and how small can your starting be in China with the suppliers.

There are plenty of Garden items, Kitchen, Laundry, Office I'd get behind ... but do you think it's really about picking winners or simply participating?


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Re: Introduce yourself here
10 Mar 2017

This is Greg burchfield !

Looking forward to reading all here, learning from you, and all others. I love sharing ideas and will along the way. I am a dropshipper with eBay & Amazon through my business and working with Hireforseo. Love sharing it, and telling everyone how they,

too, can make a big difference in their personal lives with my company.
Thanks for this wonderful place to help me and others success.

God Bless.
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F13 Works
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Mar 2017
Hello everyone!

We are F13 Works. Our mission is to unite leading brand with influential online stores. We have launched four apps on Shopify that are revolutionizing email marketing and drop shipping!

Feel free to check them out here:

Visit our website as well:
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Re: Introduce yourself here
17 Mar 2017
My name is Cheri. I am just starting out!! I have sourced my first Private Label product and am waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I am trying to learn as much as possible from kind and generous people like everyone here.
My background is professional photography since 1990.
I am excited to branch out in this new territory!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
19 Mar 2017
I am Phil Denis.
I am working for the company Asia Quality Control (
We are based in Asia and we are helping retailer, importers, and online sellers to secure their supply chain by performing quality inspection, product inspection, supplier audit, vendor evaluation in Asia.
We are covering China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and many other countries around the globe such as Turkey.
If you need any help regarding importing goods from Asia or have questions about how to secure your supply chain, feel free to contact us on
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Re: Introduce yourself here
19 Mar 2017
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Rock Paper Copy
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Mar 2017
Hi everyone,

I'm Maggie and I run an ecommerce consultation website Rock Paper Copy:

I help online merchants with website design, SEO and social media marketing. I am hoping to learn more about common ecommerce issues, and connect with new merchants [no spamming, I promise!]

Rock Paper Copy
Sydney Australia
Rusty the Fish
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Re: Introduce yourself here
21 Mar 2017
Hi everyone, My name is Mike and we run an online Jewellery website (, and also sell on amazon, eBay, tophatter and Etsy.

Really keen to connect with other online sellers, especially around getting better traffic and sales from amazon, and expanding internationally through these platforms.

Not really interested in anyone selling us anything, we have gone down that road and not got a lot of assistance after spending a lot of money. So our motto is to do it ourselves and we have seen a big improvement since then.

Happy to share our experience, issues, wins, anything really to people in the same boat as us, and really keen to scale our business to something much bigger.

We live near Manly in Sydney Australia, and are passionate about the beach and our family.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
29 Mar 2017
Hello @kim669,

How are you?

I am SS Raj from India and working as an eCommerce Expert to deliver the best possible solutions to the eCommerce web store owner to generate a good amount of revenue.

Would like to connect with you all with this forum and share my knowledge with you.
eCommerce Expert @ Technource