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Dongguan China
AQI Service
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26 May 2017
Hi everyone,

Here is Francis from Asia Quality Inspection (AQI) Service Co., Ltd as a professional quality control service company in China specialized to provide a complete range of sourcing and quality inspection service for importers, buyers, retailers and sellers.

Since 2004, AQI has been providing the services of supplier audit, consulting, lab testing, quality control inspection and customized repacking services, we also provide services like engineering, prototype, virtual office management, business investigation, sourcing assistance and so on.

The service includes: PPI-Pre-Production Inspection, FAI-First Article Inspection, DPI-During Production Inspection, PSI-Pre-Shipment Inspection, DSS-Defect Sorting Service, CLS-Container Loading Supervision, Supplier Investigation, Factory Audit(FA),Social Audit(SA) Production Monitoring, Lab Testing, Engineering Service, Mockup/Prototype Service, Customized Repacking Service and Sourcing Service.

Our product inspection experience in Construction & Mechanical items, Personal Care, Fashion & Accessories, Electrical & Electronic products, Textile, garment & accessories, Homeware, Gardenwares, Toys, Office Supplies, Packaging & Printing and Gifts etc.

Our QC network includes China mainland, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia etc. Asia areas.

Your benefits from booking quality control service from AQI:
a) Risk reduction; b) Supplier control; c) Convenient; d) Budget control; e) Wide presence; f) Save your time and money!

Welcome to visit us or email us by for any questions. We also can be reached by below info:

Skype: fsongis
Phone: 0086 769 88762006
Whatsapp: +86 13712727900

Visit us at Social sites

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A professional service company in China specialized to provide a complete range of product inspection service for importers, retailers and sellers. email:
Lagos Nigeria
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Re: Introduce yourself here
8 Jun 2017
Hello Everyone is Nigeria’s largest online platform to find and hire people who can deliver service nearby you. Please visit us for find service near you in Nigeria.
London-UK United Kingdom
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Re: Introduce yourself here
9 Jun 2017
Hi everyone
Srialto is UK’s largest online platform to find and hire people who can deliver service nearby you. So if you want to provide your service in UK this is suitable place for you. Please visit and contact us.
London, UK United Kingdom
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Re: Introduce yourself here
9 Jun 2017
Hi my name is Andy Scott. I live in the UK just outside London. I have been private label selling on Amazon in the US for a year now with some great failures and some successes along the way. I am still learning every day so that I can make a success out of my Amazon business.
NOTE to Andy Geldman - mate many thanks for founding the Web Retailer forum and I look forward to reading and contributing to this great forum.
To Your Success 🎆
England Viet Nam
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Jun 2017
Hi everyone! I'm Antonio and currently I'm working on the Google chrome theme extensions for Freeaddon.
Currently we're shifting to Amazon products like posture brace.
While my leader is quite experienced in Amazon market, I still have much more to learn so I hope to learn more about Amazon market and Amazon affiliate.

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Toronto Canada
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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Jun 2017
Hey Everyone!!

My name is Gunjan. I work at Kyozou as a Content Specialist and Social Media Coordinator. We are based in Toronto and have helped hundreds of online sellers with our inventory and shipping management software. One of our core values at Kyozou is our ability to help the sellers to synchronize their inventory across multiple marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Newegg, hence saving them a lot of time and efforts.

I am joining this forum to contribute to the ever-growing e-commerce business, to network with the online sellers, help with their business and in process, learn as much as I can.

Furthermore, I am always happy to help with any questions that you might have, so you can always send me a message Or reach me @1877-596-9681 and I will do my best to help.
Cyprus Cyprus
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Re: Introduce yourself here
28 Jun 2017
@Andy I am Anders, A Swede living in Cyprus. Running 2 shops. Both started as PrestaShop 1.6 but now migrated to thirtybees. And I have not regretted it one minute. Will be interesting to participate here
New York United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
28 Jun 2017
Union Progress is a young and perspective company providing full range of e-commerce services from inventory management to web design. On our web page you may find detailed information about all kinds of services that are necessary for a successful web retailer.
Our company is ready to share knowledge of eCommerce we obtain in order to improve online retailing globally. We are specialists in a multichannel marketplace integration as we know how important it is for online retailers to update their inventory correctly across different channels. We work with Amazon, eBay, Sears and others.
We are also making eCommerce market researches as it's the core for any growing business. Our consultations on online retailing help sellers to form strategically correct business plans to increase sales and attract new customers. The web-designers team of Union Progress work on creating the most progressive and customized eCommerce websites. Moreover, SEO services are one of the main attributes we pay attention to while working on online marketing for our clients.
We are glad to answer any of your questions. Contact us
Phone: +1 (347) 651 1175
Viet Nam Viet Nam
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Re: Introduce yourself here
29 Jun 2017

I am a business analyst in a Magento development company creating retail solutions for eCommerce.

We can create online e-commerce websites. We also provide website development services. In addition, we are always welcome all your question about eCommerce tips.

You can ask me any question regarding online business website development or ecommerce tips. I will try to help.
India India
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Re: Introduce yourself here
30 Jun 2017
Im Jay, founder of Technokrats, India. We specialize in providing eCommerce virtual assistance across all shopping portals - eBay, amazon, Shopify and Walmart. Each eCommerce management specialist is inhouse trained to exceed efficiency standards in running the store successfully.

  • Our team is available across all time zones
  • Handling all types of Tickets
  • Liaising with customers and vendors via email/local phone numbers
  • Listing products clearly with features, benefits and optimizing
  • Processing orders, returns, refunds, shipment issues etc
  • Resolving Negative Feedback

  • While the Team Lead is responsible for daily reporting and training, he also ensures perfect alignment across all functions, however, the client is billed only by the hours worked by the VAs.

    We also have a design & development team to help with third party integration.

    I have personally managed my eCommerce shop for years and I know what it takes to run it successfully. I hope to share my knowledge and experience in improving sales and service performances with everyone in this community.

    With more than four years of experience of virtually managing stores, we assure that every account is treated with respect and privacy. You can get in touch with us at -
    Email : / / help@ebayassistant
    Phone : 1872-213-9845

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    Fort lauderdale United States
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    1 Jul 2017
    Hey, guys. This is Tony from South Florida. I'm honored to be here. I just got started with my very first Kickstarter and wanted to be a part of a community that knows the ins and outs of marketing and the marketplace in general. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Bangkok Thailand
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    2 Jul 2017

    Call me Tan
    I stay in Bangkok ,Thailand
    I wholesale and retail imitation jewelry and stingray leather goods
    I have my website

    I sell in marketplace too in Lazada , eBay and Amazon
    nice to meet you ,everybody
    South Africa South Africa
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    4 Jul 2017
    My name is Ed Lange, 73 years young, a pensioner and widower who lives in a very pretty little town called Sabie in South Africa. By the way the world renowned Kruger National Park is on my doorstep. My son has introduced me to Online Marketing, eCommerce in particular and am currently setting up an Amazon store - I will be leaning on some of you for assistance and advice in the future. My best wishes and full banking accounts to all of you.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
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    Hi My name is Gary Bottwood
    6 Jul 2017
    I have just begun investugating the world of ecommerce and have signed up for a Amazon Seller Account. At the moment it all feels a bit overwhelming and I am taking my time reading through the various Amazon restrictions etc and at the same time trying to get my head around product sourcing etc. Although I had in my mind an area I would like to have concentrated on having read many posts and watched many videos I feel a bit like I am underwater trying to get to the surface . I have therefore decided to stick to products I know and use Banggood for stock. My main stumbling block at present is understanding the Amazon handling charges and therefore how to work out a definitive profit figure for the items I aim to sell. @Andy
    United States United States
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    Re: Introduce yourself here
    10 Jul 2017

    My name is Ryan Dewitt, I work for a company called We specialize in contact enrichment for Amazon affiliates who have partial customer contact information. If you have a list of addresses in a CSV or Excel format you can upload it through our self serve tool and we will append back email, phone and contact name.

    This allows affiliates to take control and market to their clients through multiple channels!

    Market Invaders
    Thompson & Holt