Introduce yourself here

Faridabad India
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Re: Introduce yourself here
22 Jul 2015
Hi, I am Ajay From India. I am here for interest and research. I am an online seller.

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St.Mary Jamaica
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Hey I'm James
22 Jul 2015
@Bigian13 I reside in Jamaica want to start multichanell selling products from here what's the best platform to use for startup low fees?
Manila Philippines
2nd Office
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Re: Introduce yourself here
24 Jul 2015

Welcome to the community James! You must have some cool products if you're from Jamaica!

I guess first things first, you need to ask yourself what markets do you plan on selling in first? USA, Europe, South East Asia?

If you're just starting, its probably best to focus on one market and then expand to other markets once you got the hang of things. The cheapest and most affordable way is to list directly onto the marketplaces and once you start gaining traction I would start looking into software's, unless you have a lot of funding then I would stick with the basics first before investing into multi-channel listing software.

Hope that helps!
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Pasadena, CA United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
24 Jul 2015
Hello sellers and fellow providers!

My name is Mike Ugino, and I'm co-founder of Sellbrite, a simple listing and inventory management solution for multichannel selling. Sellbrite helps you manage what you sell and where you sell it, making it easy to expand to new channels and prevent overselling.

My partner Brian and I started building ecommerce software after experiencing the pain of multichannel selling ourselves, first with a company doing tens of millions in revenue and selling across a network of our own ecommerce websites (and then adding marketplaces to that), and then with a small startup of our own, processing ~100 orders a month and primarily using FBA.

In 2012 we built the first multichannel fulfillment integration with FBA, a product known as AutoMCF, which is used by many sellers around the world. To expand the greater vision of the product we ultimately wanted, Sellbrite was launched just over a year ago.

I love talking with merchants. I love learning how people got into ecommerce, what their vision of the future looks like, what challenges they're most concerned with, and what their own personal goals are. I enjoy helping people put together a practical plan for achieving those goals, which quite often does NOT involve using one of our software products.

If you ever wish to chat about anything ecommerce, feel free to reach out. Our team is comprised of passionate, experienced commerce vets, and our mission is to create value everyday for sellers. You can also email me directly anytime: mike @

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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Jul 2015
I own an ecommerce site called Doggie Dolls. It is the First Upscale Vegan Inspired Designer Dog Boutique. We prohibit the sales of leather and animal tested products as well as choke and Shock Collars. We offer designers vegan leather, faux mink, and organic alternatives. We also give a portion of sales to animal shelters and animal conservation efforts around the world.
Nice to meet you!
Doggie Dolls * The Designer in the Ruff Brand.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Jul 2015
I have used Volusion, 3d cart, and Big Commerce. Big commerce is definitely the most easiest and efficient.
New Jersey United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
28 Jul 2015
Hello Everyone,

I am an eCommerce consultant and former eBay seller. I have gained a lot of knowledge in these past years and would like to help the online sellers community by providing right and useful information.


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eCommerce Consultant
Florida United States
Domoing Commerce
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Re: Introduce yourself here
28 Jul 2015
Hello, Everyone!

My name is Andy. I am an Online Sales manager! Manage over all the listings over 7 online market places within the united states. Have been doing this for 5 years. So I have been around the block. I joined the forums looking for others that agree with my opinion on Multi-channel Marketplace Management solutions. I am still looking for the perfect fit but everyone seems to be lacking in certain areas. Largest problem i having is inventory management. Haven't found a viable way to do business over sea's. Trying to make this portion automated as well. Also do a bit of web design and manage company website listings.

I dislike companies with no customer support.
My goal is to make everything as automated as possible so i can invest more time going back to school.

Feel free to message me questions! i have learned lots of tricks and hope to learn more from this community.
Netherlands Netherlands
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Hello to you all.
29 Jul 2015
Hi folks, John here.

Been in retail in one form or another since 16, marketing since 1999 online marketing and lead gen since 2001. SEO and web services, blah blah blah.

That was the trumpet, now moving into e commerce for myself with a few bad friends. Plan is start with channels then move to a site.

I wanted to join here for two reasons, if I can help, I will , if I can get help to avoid silly mistakes getting started in e comerce, thanks!

Plan 1 is to call API from several suppliers into a tool then push to multiple channels, once up and running smoothly scale and move towards wrapping one our sites around it, brand and smash it with SEO.

The tool being the main issue now, set up plenty markets then went looking for something else, have stumbled upon Shopping Cart Elite and went through a demo which crashed so have to re schedule demo, not impressed.

If any one can help me in here I would be truly thankful

Oh, signed up for a Channel Advisor demo before finding you guys and thinking twice about it, but not twice about joining this community.

Thanks @Andy for this space..
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Re: Introduce yourself here
31 Jul 2015

I am amy !

Nice to meet you all guys!!
Birmingham United Kingdom
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Re: Introduce yourself here
4 Aug 2015
Hi Everyone!

Good to meet you all.

Look forward to how this forum can help me.

Brisbane Australia
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Re: Introduce yourself here
8 Aug 2015
Hello online retailers & sellers!

My name is Robert, Currently Marketing Executive at RemoveBackground, managing all aspects of SEO, PPC, Analytics and Content work including audits, competitors analysis, strategy, keyword, social media and technical SEO.

We provide product image editing services to online retailers, marketplaces, graphic designers and photographers around the world. Our services include background removal, marketplace compliance (Amazon, eBay and Google shopping), image enhancement and professional retouching services.

We’ve helped over 3000 online retailers, agencies & photographers – let us help you.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Re: Introduce yourself here
10 Aug 2015
Hi, I'm pretty new to this, I currently have a small Etsy shop and am selling on eBay. I would really like to build on my eBay selling and also move into selling on Amazon FBA. It's still very early days and still trawling wholesale sites for things to sell , I don't have much capital and need to build, if anyone knows some good wholesale sites that are easy to use I would be grateful, and any other advise welcome, thank you and nice to meet you all. Janet

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Canada Canada
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Re: Introduce yourself here
10 Aug 2015
Hello everyone, Matt here from eBridge Connections. I'm excited to have joined the forum and I look forward to sharing some of our expertise an to learning more about selling on marketplaces!

eBridge Connections is an industry-leading accounting/ERP integration solution provider. Our universal platform can connect Amazon and eBay seller accounts with over 20 different accounting and ERP systems. We also support eCommerce shopping cart integration with back office systems, with connectors for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and more.

Would love to chat about anything integration or ecommerce-related. Feel free to PM or contact us via our website.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
13 Aug 2015
Hi everybody,

I am Kaus Mukherjee co-founder of iBuySell a mobile only online marketplace to sell anything from luxury brand fashion, jewelry, apparel, footwear , home décor, electronics, sports and outdoors!

We are starting our crowd funding campaign at Fundable in middle of September and would love your support and help to get the word out. Our Beta is FREE and the invitation only access is available at

I live in Macungie, PA , have two lovely daughters and a wife. I am a technologist by my day job and have worked in different roles in large organizations but I have also been an entrepreneur and a e-commerce retailer.

What's so cool about iBuySell? We are making the app fun and interactive ( and perhaps a bit competitive) with live 90 sec rapid-fire price countdowns in a game-like "who-gets-it-first" to make consumers come back again and again.

iBuySell is designed to make small business owners, retail merchants and individual sellers sell quickly, promote their business (yes we encourage businesses to create their own website links and bio in the app) and above all keep more in profit with much lower fees and flexible monthly payments that start at $49.

Thank you very much and am very proud to be part of this wonderful community

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