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aylesbury United Kingdom
E-PickPack Ltd
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14 Jul 2017

My name is Alex, I am CEO for E-PickPack Ltd, a company specialised in Internet Fulfilment.

We help small to medium sized businesses succeed in E-Commerce fast pace Business. E-Pick Pack specializes in worldwide fulfillment providing a seamless service from order processing and management of inventory through to pick, pack, distribution, Customer Service and return shipping solutions including Amazon International Returns.

Located in central UK, the E-Pick Pack team have been established in fulfillment and warehousing for over 20 years. This commercial experience underpins our service philosophy to eCommerce clients who have taken the major decision to outsource their web order fulfillment and warehousing.

We can take delivery of your stock, securely store it, receive your orders electronically, process those orders, package and dispatch them. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best - running your business, sourcing products and generating sales.
Islamabad Pakistan
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14 Jul 2017

I am Full Stack Developer with 8+ years experience in web applications building and management, which includes quite varied expertise – creating e-commerce platforms, SMS/Email applications, Chat Apps, affiliate systems, custom CRM applications, Accounting applications etc

My Sites


- Inventory Management
- Orders Management
- Shipping Integration like Ship Station
- Return Orders Management
- Price & Inventory Update

Any many more, feel free to ask me questions if you have any
- Regards
Naveed Metlo
Sr. Web Programmer
Skype : naveedmetlo
Mobile : +92 333 7564114
Website :
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Re: Introduce yourself here
20 Jul 2017
I like you Andy, you strike me as someone I could talk to on an earthly level.

I cut grass for a living, what I sell are mostly small engine and related equipment and parts... It started out around the time of the Great Recession, as a way to save money I'd order parts in bulk... Didn't take long, nothing insane and I got most of my orders right but I had gone overboard with a few things so as a way to cut the losses I started putting up small wholesale lots on eBay.
I started by putting up one item a day, everyday, one item.
I built up to 30...
Then 40...
Selling along the way, I saw the money in it.

Today ebay matches my *LCO income, this year it may even exceed it... Unfortunately, agriculturally the take home is a lot better than retail.

Right now I have 125 active BIN's and one auction.
And probably close to 600 spark plugs I'll never sell.

* Sorry I couldn't help the little ego trip.

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Leipzig Germany
InterCultural Elements_JL
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Re: Introduce yourself here
21 Jul 2017
@ Andy, thanks for creating the forum, you've done a wonderful job and it's a great community here!

This is InterCultural Elements and it’s great to emeet everyone here??
We are a Germany based service provider offering customised A-Z solutions to expand your e-commerce sales both internationally and domestically. Since 2007, we have led cross border trade offered customizable solutions to:

• translate, localise and launch your items on international marketplaces and websites
• provide multilingual email customer service and returns
• identify the right countries & marketplaces to target
• write an appeal for Amazon suspension and get you back selling again

If you’re thinking about expanding your online business internationally, feel free to reach out and PM us! We’ll also be sharing our experience and knowledge here by answering questions relating to ecommerce global expansion~

For more information:
Mexico Mexico
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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Jul 2017
Hi everyone! I'm new here and it's nice to virtually meet you all (lol). I've been reading some amazing things and I thank you all for your advice. I hope I can help out too.
New Delhi India
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Re: Introduce yourself here
29 Jul 2017
Hi Members of WebRetailer,

I'm Steven, from MarketplaceGeek, a venture that provides consulting to online retailers. Our focus is to provide cost-effective technology and management services to sellers in growing their retail business online.

We've been in eCommerce for almost 12 years and have managed storefronts both on eBay and Amazon to start with. From selling old college books to using drop-shippers and gradually sourcing items from India and selling in US market, we went through a comprehensive & rigorous processes and our experience helps us solving complex issues of many customers.

In 2011, we've launched our own consulting business and since then have served exactly 658 retailers worldwide till the time this response is being written.

I love retail, especially multi-channel retailing. I'm very much hopeful to talk to other members of Web Retailer and discuss new features & strategies in coming days.
Miami United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
11 Aug 2017
Hi! My name is Alejandra, I live in Miami, FL. I've been selling online since 2009 mainly on eBay and Amazon.
My dream is one day help other online sellers - specially mothers - succeed with their companies so they can feel free and safe.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
11 Aug 2017
Hi, I'm Wayne.

I recently opened a new website and I have an E-bay sellers account and an Amazon sellers account. I haven't made any sales yet on eBay or Amazon, But right now the only place I have products listed is on E-bay due to the restrictions and gating that Amazon has in place for the products I want to sell. I also have only had listings in place for about a week at the time of this posting.

I am also looking around for reasonably priced or free sales analysis software that can help predict popularity, sales rank, other competitors prices, net profit after sale etc. for An E-bay or Amazon store. The Gold standard for Amazon is Jungle Scout, (which appears to have an affiliate link associated with it here on this forum as evidenced by the link when I referenced it.) however; Jungle Scout for Amazon is VERY expensive. Even the browser app is close to $200, so at least for now, that's on hold. As for E-bay, they have some seller tools and available apps but nothing too fancy that I can see so far. They also have some tools available for purchase but again, they can be a bit pricey. So I am hoping maybe I can find a cheaper solution for both Amazon and Ebay

I also have a website that I just started and will be selling gourmet coffees and teas as well as mugs, tea infusers, and other assorted accessories related to coffee and tea. While the website is a project, it is actually good therapy for me as I am a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic and had a very active lifestyle. Due to that, I have had trouble finding regular work; even desk jobs. So I took a risk as I currently have no income and decided with some last remaining savings to try to tackle the daunting world of E-Commerce. It also gives me purpose and a reason to wake up each day since losing your job and being unemployed for a couple years can really be a quite depressing. I believe in what I'm doing though and I cant wait to see it grow.

Thanks for reading my introduction and I wish everyone the best in their online endeavors.

Warm Regards,

Diversified Merchandising Group
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21 Aug 2017
Hello everyone,
I run and we've been on the web for a long while. Having an in house development team is getting more difficult and so I need some resources from the wild to take us to the next level. We have a rockin BS3 site ready to go live but want to move to a node.js based site. We have even designed a lot of JS tools (product managment, etc) for the site, but implementation is lacking. Any help out there? Give me a shout at if you think you can help us.
Canada Canada
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Re: Introduce yourself here
23 Aug 2017

I'm Dan and have been seller on eBay since 2010. I have gradually built up a moderately successful business figuring out ebay's pitfalls as I have went along.

Lately, I have been in and out of ebay jail because of defect rate. I run out of a bricks and mortar wholesaler and occasionally something will sell in the real world and then right after on ebay causing a defect.

It would appear there is a big bias against sellers in their current system and am looking at different options. I sell powersports parts and accessories so it is a very niche market and happens to fit very well in ebay motors.
Australia Australia
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Re: Introduce yourself here
28 Aug 2017
Hi My Name is Mark, I run a wholesale automotive parts company in Adelaide South Australia. We have been in business for fifteen years selling mainly crash repair items such as bumper bars, panels and lights.

During the last year our supplier decided to move into our city and distribute directly to our customers and cut us out of the distribution chain. So we are now out of the crash parts business as can not compete with our previous supplier nor want the large staffing and infrastructure overhead that comes with supplying those items.

Still having expertise in auto car parts, we are now re-inventing what we do and how we do it. One of our strategy's is to sell direct to the public via several online platforms. At the same time building a customer base of local mechanics to sell to.

We went to china setup up some contacts there and are importing radiators, lights and rotating electrical products. Our initial orders are still arriving.

We have our own retail presence trading under a different name and offer parts for sale via our website and eBay. eBay's constant moving the goal posts regard listing rules and what you have to do to qualify for premium etc is driving me crazy. Hence my joining this forum looking for any advantage I can gain in this competitive space.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Walter Hay
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Re: Introduce yourself here
4 Sep 2017
I have been involved in shipping, exporting and importing since leaving college. Now in my 70's heart surgery forced me to retire just a few years ago, but boredom led me to write about the subjects I knew best from my experience.

After exporting to a number of Asia/Pacific countries including Taiwan from 1978, I sold that business in 1987 and changed to importing. Since then I have visited mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries countless times.

My importing business, selling B2B, grew so fast that I soon ran out of family members willing and able to help handle the expansion. Rather than employ other staff I chose franchising. By the time I had to sell up and retire I had franchisees in four countries.

I taught them how to safely source products, not only in China, but in many other countries also.

My sourcing book, which is revised at least every year is the product of my real life experience. Those who buy a current copy are also entitled to a free download of every new edition.

You can find my book here:

Being a workaholic, I have also written a book based on my marketing experience and knowledge of marketing psychology. This book is about how carefully chosen labels and packaging can help you win the battle for attention online or on the shelves. See the summary here:

I am willing to answer questions on any related subjects: Safe Product Sourcing From Most Countries, Importing Without Needing to Learn All the Rules, and Creating Powerful Selling Labels Without Any Design Experience.

Walter Hay.

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Lifetime experience in importing and marketing. Now retired and publishing books based on my real life successes. Franchised my importing business in four countries.
Chicago, Illinois United States
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Product Development in Chicago
6 Sep 2017
Hello, my name is Chad, I am the inventor of MiniBlindRx, a handheld tool that fixes bent metal miniblinds. I have been selling regularly on-line since about 2008.

After finding myself unable to license my patent I decided to manufacture it myself. Then I found it difficult to sell wholesale through traditional retail channels, so I took my product on-line. I sell on both Amazon 95% and eBay 5%. Other sales channels, such as Bonanza and Jet are virtually insignificant.

Since then I have expanded my product line by working with manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, to alter their existing standard product designs to serve niche markets.

My forum goal is to pick-up any small tip that will help me to be more profitable, particularly with Ebay. It seems I am not yet understanding how to effectively compete in that marketplace.

So far I have very positive things to say about Feedback Genius and ShipStation. I always learn a little something so if I get one positive tip from this forum, I will consider it a success. In the meantime, I hope to contribute what little expertise I have to help other sellers.
Chicago, Illinois United States
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Re: Introduce yourself here
6 Sep 2017
@contact.dmg - Check out Seller Labs. They have a Chrome plug-in that gives you realtime analysis of any Amazon search. It will also identify the keywords people used to find competing products. You can just feed these back into your product listing and reach more customers.

Also, stars and ratings are your life blood. Feedback Genius will encourage your buyers to review your products.
Viet Nam Viet Nam
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Re: Introduce yourself here
14 Sep 2017
Hi, I am Mary Haugen. Glad to join you.
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