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My name is Mark and I am one of the principals in SkinnyCo.
18 Sep 2017

Our business is in health, wellness and nutrition. We just began marketing our first product this year – Skinny Shake®, a dietary supplement and small meal replacement. several products are following. All of the trademarks use the word Skinny.

We have recently applied for a new trademark to be used in the beauty industry.

My interest is in online marketing and increasing conversion rates.

I look forward to being a member of the community.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
23 Sep 2017
My name is Nikki. By day I have my own Google Analytics Company. By night, I am building an online retail store using BigCommerce to launch November 1st 2017. Organic, natural self-caring products for women (at the mo).
Please feel free to ask any marketing or analytics questions and hopefully I can help.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
24 Sep 2017
@Andy hi this is Amit from Win Retail engage in selling sporting goods in India.Interested to create network all across global and offer them dropshipping services.
Invite seller deal in sporting goods .I will also be thankful for great insight I will collecting from veteran of online business.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
3 Oct 2017

Mostly, I'm here because I'm curious to see what etailers are talking about on your site. I'm in my own little bubble, and I like to get outside of it from time to time.

My company is so specialized, I do not expect to find any clients on this site, so it's mostly going to be something I do when I have a few free minutes.

thanks for putting this site together, btw - I know managing these sites is a lot of work and very often a thankless job.

Jason Lancaster
Spork Marketing
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Re: Introduce yourself here
13 Oct 2017
Hi, I'm Thomas from a new search engine called Pricesearcher.

We are building a consumer facing engine that captures all the world's products. To do this we ensure we are completely free -removing any commercial contraints. There is no commission, CPC, PPC, CPA, etc.

Our tech accepts any feed and format so we are able to index your product feed and include you in our organic search results with little or no effort on your part.

We know this sounds too good to be true and we are often asked 'what's the catch?'. But there really isn't one.

Over 200 leading retailers are on site, but as we are ad-free we level the playing field so are very interested in hearing from sellers with their own sites who would benefit from more engaged buyers for free.

My background is over six years at Amazon marketplace and a couple of years building one on Tesco direct. I also spent a year in last mile logistics.

Any questions please get in touch with me

Or find out more on our site:
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Oct 2017
Hello Everyone,

I am Potter from Taiwan. I am here for interest and research selling and searching products to sell on Amazon, eBay etc. Welcome to change online selling experiences and contact me if you are looking for something good quality products from Taiwan or China or Japan or Malaysia, Singapore. Tks!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Oct 2017

I would stay away from Indo Trading. I got burned when I spent $4,500 for 350 spaceship alarm clocks which didn't ship for 2 months by which time the Amazon buy box had dropped to about half of what I paid for each item.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Oct 2017
Hey Guys,

My name is Sergio Guido. Recently, I have been trying my best at using the plat form and now have 1 store and another I'm working on developing. I'm on facebook ads at the moment to run traffic and have only sold 1 item in 6 weeks.

About 2 weeks ago I started to consider selling on Amazon seriously. It looks like fun when you can actually read the graphs-I'm still learning. I would actually see myself dealing with wholesalers and manufacturers...making some phone calls and visiting trade shows.

I first was set on sticking to shopify. It's been a long time now I've thought about becoming an FBA Amazon Retailer and what is in my way is of course....the lack of wholesalers, or even one, in my case.

What I am looking for are wholesalers who can ship to the amazon storage and have similar products as some on

I hope to have some great conversations and for those of you ready to give advise, I'm here.

You can contact me also at my email

Have a great day, guys
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Re: Introduce yourself here
21 Oct 2017
Hi! My name is Kathleen and I have been selling online since 2002. I have a website, sell on Amazon and have an eBay store. I also write four blogs and have two eBooks in the Kindle store.

Right now I am concentrating on the eBay store and hoping to pick up tips on how to make it more successful. I hope to learn something here on how to do that.

Thanks for the friendly, welcoming emails!
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Re: Introduce yourself here
22 Oct 2017
Hi All,
My name is Yahya and I am from Jordan. I am new to e-commerce but I can learn although I am little bit old. I am on retirement but still interested in learning new approaches and concepts. I retired as Chief Supply Chain Officer in a USD 7 billion CAPEX company. the annual turnover of my Group was about USD 2.5 Billion. Still Zero in e-commerce (I like to be clear).

Glad to join this community with appreciation to Andy who looks after it.

Appreciate to have advice from any one on e-commerce, Selling on Amazon, selling on e-bay at my e-mail

thanks in advance
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Oct 2017
Hey folks,

My name is Chris Toddes. I have a video business which I have just expanded. I want to learn how to better market my business across multiple platforms. I preserve precious memories by scanning your slides, pictures, and documents and transferring all your camcorder tapes to DVD. I can even convert foreign videos from PAL or SECAM to NTSC and back again. I want to promote my services and source suppliers for business. If I can enhance my cash flow with additional services or ancillary sales, that would be agreeable as well.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Oct 2017
Hi, I'm Denise and I'm starting a new eBay venture custom printed clothing and homeware featuring my own designs.
I'm also selling anything personalised through dropshippers.
Delighted to have found this site.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Oct 2017
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has posted here!

This thread is really long now, so I've set up a new one for introductions here:

Feel free to come over and say hello on the new thread.
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