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Re: Introduce yourself here
18 Aug 2015
I am Scott Distel, a creative, detail-oriented person with years of business experience, in both public and private sectors. I love to search new things & share with readers. I am an Internet marketing consultant. I am currently working with the Capital Dealer Solutions, a Tacoma, WA based leading provider of digital marketing products and services for the automotive industry including powerful digital marketing tools.
Bangalore India
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Re: Introduce yourself here
25 Aug 2015
Hey Everyone,
My name is Pavan Chaudhary and I run sales, marketing and business development for SalesBabu Business Solutions. SalesBabu is a reputed software solutions company in India its head office in Bangalore.

I love blogging on Sales, marketing, software and latest technology trends. I look forward to meeting other people and sharing knowledge.
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Looking for Smartphone related SKUS for Drop-shipping
27 Aug 2015
Over 300,000 monthly active users on multiple Android apps.
Looking for additional Smartphone related SKUS for drop shipping.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Aug 2015
John here,
I am mostly an eBay seller and in the process of setting up a web store called

It's not live yet.

I am trying to teach myself Word Press.
Nelson, BC Canada
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Re: Intro - Purcell Range Outfitters
30 Aug 2015
Hello all... new to the online biz community but very excited to launch my new brand and product line. Before I set off into the maze of forum discussions to learn what else I don't know, I'd like to throw something out there to anyone who might have similar focus... I'm struggling to choose the ideal CRM solution for my business. I'm a firm believer in the power of CRM. I've used several good ones and a few very bad ones in the past. I'm not so concerned about an overly developed sales funnel tracking feature as it seems to me the nature of online conversions is you don't know your customer until they've actually purchased from you the first time anyway. I do, however, want contact grouping for tracking and targeting email campaigns. Robust customization of reporting and most importantly, a simple but powerful GUI that is integrated with Gmail. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
30 Aug 2015
Hi All

Im new to all this e-commerce space I'm still in research stage in doing Amazon FBA and eBay.

Im delighted to be part of this group. I find myself excited with e-commerce after a lot of think about what to do next to leave the JOB and being employed.

Manila Philippines
2nd Office
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Re: Introduce yourself here
31 Aug 2015

Hi James,

Have you tried Hub Spot? For email I would checkout Also, I would probably create another post with your question so everybody can help, since this is just an intro thread.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
2 Sep 2015
Hello I am Rakhibul hasan the Chief Executive Officer & SEO Expert at Clipping Path Service India-
A professional offshore outsourcing company specialized in clipping path service & all kinds of image editing services. I'm really happy to be here. In my respite time, I like to play, read, cycling, photography, song, design, watch creative work and travel, shop etc.
Hope a good journey with all of you my dear friends.

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Israel Israel
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Re: Introduce yourself here
3 Sep 2015
Hi, There

I am Adriano , former electronic engineer , after 8 years on Hi Tech , no I am a proud full time dad and entrepreneur , focused now on eCommerce ( eBay / Amazon )

I love to learn new things ( as expected from a entrepreneur ) ,so will be super happy to make new friends and change experiences

Together if some other good guys we have developed a platform to help DropShippers.

Feel free to contact me on FB

Best Luck For all
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Re: Introduce yourself here
4 Sep 2015
Hi guys & gals.

I use to sell on eBay. But no more.

I was selling high grade watches and watch parts and accessories. I believe that these items, especially of Rolex, are one of the fast selling and profitable items.

To come straight to the point. I have a collection of genuine vintage Rolex booklets/ items (over 100 pcs) that I want to sell as one lot. I sincerely believe that you could at least double your investment by selling them individually on eBay. Should you be interested please visit my shop at: and in the Shop section to the left of the page click on 'Rolex items'. Thanks.

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Max Meadows, VA United States
Jax Music Supply
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Re: Introduce yourself here
7 Sep 2015
Finally got around to answering this forum. I've been doing e-commerce as a business since 2007 and sold personally on eBay since 1998. I currently sell on 2 websites as well as marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Reverb, New Egg, and 11Main. Webretailer has been of great benefit to my business over years, especially when initially looking for tools and software. Since then I've tried many out and even started writing my own tools to help my e-commerce business.
Shanghai China
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Re: Introduce yourself here
10 Sep 2015

Hi everybody.

I am Sam from We help eBay or Amazon sellers to source at the lowest factory price, at small quantity. In average, save 30%+.

As an online reseller, working with root factory certainly will help you much to save. However, you may always be asked for a MOQ far too much. Our secret weapon is the Group Sourcing, the more other guys order, the lower price you can get.

Hope you guys can spread this information in the community you are active. The more sellers are united, the lower price we can get from factory, by aggregated quantity & collective power.

Personally I run a factory in Shanghai exporting to more than 80 countries, & I also have a wholesale business. If you guys has any questions regarding sourcing from China, I would be happy to offer my hand, even it is not my business.

I have a blog on It is all about sourcing, like how to work with manufacturers to get the best prices.

Finally, wish you guys all have a profitable retail business.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
11 Sep 2015

My name is Cheneil and I'm a Graphic and Web designer. I specialize in e-commerce websites and branding. Combining both my graphic and web design skills I create beautiful unique e-commerce websites which are all branded. Designs range from, website, cover photos, flyers, business cards etc. My website has some of my work. I have been doing this for over 5 years and am very good at it. If anyone want any help on ecommerce, branding, promotion, hosting, dropshipping feel free to contact me.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
12 Sep 2015
Hi folks,

My name is Mel and I am a Canadian living abroad in Chile right now. I work with a down-to-earth, all-star, too smart for their own good company called CanIRank. We work with a lot of ecommerce companies helping them with their SEO and getting ranked. So I am more than happy to lend some advice and info to anyone here that is wondering about their SEO, having keyword difficulty issues, analysis help, etc. Love to share my knowledge and skills and love to learn from others on their expertise. Looking forward to engaging in this community!

Mel G.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
15 Sep 2015
My name is Henry Neff. I have been selling online since 2005. After 30+ years in the financial Software industry I retired and started my own company Buck Creek Marketing.

I started selling used books on eBay and today my wife and I sell primarily books and vintage flatware on eBay. I am the author of How To Sell Books on eBay and developer of the software application eBay Sellers Inventory Management

I am also the author of the blog Old Town Helena

I am looking forward to learning more about internet retail, marketing and social media

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