Introduce yourself here

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Re: Introduce yourself here
23 Mar 2016
I am Shamim welcoming all of you from Clipping Path Photo, post production and retouching studio. We work closely with product photographer, art director and e-commerce site owners to provide stimulating images. While working with clients we make sure products are stylised and presented in timely for online sale.

I love to gather and share experience and ideas, as I believe healthy community healthy business. You are most welcome to PM me or ask me any question.

Thanks again. Have a nice time.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Mar 2016
Hi, I'm Steve from Colorado.

I've been selling on eBay for over 10 years and just started with Amazon.

I came here to learn about different selling tools and because of here, found Ecomdash.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
26 Mar 2016
Hi everyone,

I'm an e-commerce seller, work with an Asian supplier and I aim at selling in the restricted clothing category on Amazon.

I'm fairly new as I got started working on my current project in October 2015 and my first products have only got to the warehouse last week.

I'd like to learn from the community on how to get listed on amazon (get approval) and also learn how to sell on other online retailer platforms.

I wasn't planning to go the entrepreneur way until I left my job back in 2014, because of lacking a serious challenge.

I think this is a good one.

Of course, it's not all about me. I'd like to think I'll find ways to give back to this community by sharing my experiences on my path.

Thanks for having me,

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Re: Introduce yourself here
27 Mar 2016
Hello I am Bankole aka Banky. New seller on Amazon.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
29 Mar 2016
Thank you for facilitating this wonderful thread.
I hope to contribute positively to the community and help others in reaching their goals.

I am Kaustuva Mukherjee, founder of iBuySell, a unique real-time marketplace where buyers connect with sellers in lightning rounds of live sales in mobile and web.

I have 25 years experience as a technology professional and also been a former retailer in marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. I created the seller friendly marketplace iBuySell to help sellers like me to move inventory quickly, improve conversion and keep more in profits.

The ultimate goal of e-commerce is, after all, to engage consumers and encourage them to make a purchase decision. Sellers want to move inventory quickly and convert, buyers want an experience...not just product.

At iBuySell new products get spotlighted every moment as shoppers watch prices fall from an already discounted price! Wait for too long - someone else may snag the item, freeze too early and wonder if the prices would have gone down further! It's a split second decision!

Please click here to see a video that will show how the thrill factor works to engage shoppers at iBuySell.

Hundreds of sellers have joined iBuySell and getting ready to launch its public beta on April 19th via Indiegogo campaign. Rewards such as shopping credits for the app and commission free selling credits are available from 04/19/2016 until 06/19/2016. Advertising slots can be purchased at that time as well.

I am hoping to interact and learn more about the community. Feel free to PM me or reply with any thoughts or comments and question and I shall be happy to answer.

Thank you once again and looking forward to have meaningful conversations with the community


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Re: Introduce yourself here
30 Mar 2016
My Name is Mercy. I am starting up.

Need help in listing and advertising my eBay business.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for this forum
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Re: Introduce yourself here
31 Mar 2016

Thanks for the post you can contact me at


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Re: Introduce yourself here
31 Mar 2016
Great to meet you. Thank you for your introduction. What products do you sell on Amazon?
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Re: Introduce yourself here
4 Apr 2016

Hi My name is Housam.

I work in textile and household products.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
5 Apr 2016
Hi All,

I'm Devon and I'm an Amazon seller in the UK and EU and founder of FBA Ship UK.

We're an FBA Prep and Ship service based in the United Kingdom and handle all our clients goods shipment and packaging needs to get international sellers up and running across the five EU markets
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Re: Introduce yourself here
6 Apr 2016
@Andy, Hi everyone,

I'm Kay, a graduate student in Taiwan.
Now I 'm also working at BOSCH as an intern.

Currently doing a cross-border e-commerce research.
Mainly about what are the factors may attract or reduce people to go cross-border online shopping.
If anyone interested in my research, please feel free to contact me and I have an interesting questionnaire that you might get interested. (and also have chance to win Amazon Gift Cards! )
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Re: Introduce yourself here
7 Apr 2016
Hi everyone, it's good to be here. I'm Steve and we are Truly Ergonomic - A Revolution in typing. we are looking forward to sharing, learning, and growing sales. Let us know how we can help you.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
13 Apr 2016
Hi Everyone,

I'm Tom and the head of marketplace at This is a new exciting platform for us here at Wowcher where sellers can get their products in front of 13 million people without having to go through the harassment that a buying team can cause.

PM me if you are interested in finding out more or check out our marketplace site and youtube channel:

Look forward to working with many of you soon.
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Re: Introduce yourself here
16 Apr 2016
Hi, Viewer

This Is Amzranked, Work as a freelancer in various online market place. My duty is Rank up Product With Keyword in Amazon. In this Moment i have services in Amazon USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and France market.

I have 14 member team, work for keyword ranked up. I hope i can help you the online seller to boosts there sells in amazon.

I am also trying sell own product in amazon. But so far i am not successful to sell own product in amazon.

So far this is by me.

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Re: Introduce yourself here
19 Apr 2016

Good morning everyone

I am Will, the Marketing Manager over at Linnworks (

I have been working in eCommerce for the last 18 months and hope to do so for many more years.

In the short term we will be attending IRX next week and would love to meet up with anyone working in the eCommerce space, whether they be service providers or sellers.

Look forward to seeing/speaking with you all soon!



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