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Virtual Employees - APAC Needs
23 Jun 2015
I wanted to start a topic in regards to sourcing, hiring, and managing virtual employees. I have only recently been pursuing this seriously and have seen the benefits its can bring (when done correctly). Mostly I would like to discuss how anyone is sourcing as I have only used upwork/odesk and elance to this point. Currently struggling with those platforms though as I am unable to find virtuals that can work the South Korea market for me. Anyone have specific feedback on virtual staff in that market as well?
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Re: Virtual Employees - APAC Needs
25 Jun 2015
@nschneider checkout this article I wrote on outsourcing to the Philippines, I explain the differences between freelancers and agencies.

Besides upwork, you can source through agencies or companies that specialize in finding full time home based workers for you. However I only recommend going home based if you plan on having a small team, if you plan on having a large team of 5 or more people I would recommend going with an agency so all of your staff are in one office.

What type of skills are you looking for in terms of the South Korean market? Customer Support, listing creation? Or..?
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