Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?

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Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
26 Jun 2015
Our latest blog post, How Suspension Crashed My Amazon Sales From $50K To Zero, has generated a huge amount of discussion. It's ranged from supportive to sceptical, and beyond. Sometimes well beyond.

The right place to discuss that post is in the comments, but I thought it might be illuminating to talk here about other sellers' experiences of seller support on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces.

When have you had reason to deal with seller support teams? Was it by phone, email, or live chat? Was it a good or bad experience? Did you find them knowledgeable? Helpful? Sympathetic?

Would love to hear about your own experiences!

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Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
26 Jun 2015
I have generally had a positive experience with Amazon with support over the phone. There people seem to know what I am talking about, and generally offer advise that works to solve the problem.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
26 Jun 2015
@Andy Most of the time, they are very helpful. But so much of the time, it really depends on who you talk to. I have talked to 3 different people and received 3 different answers to the same question. So it's confusing and disappointing.
Lawanna Bean
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
26 Jun 2015
eBay has improved I am glad to say. However you can still be handed around a few CS reps before you get the right person, and sometimes even cut off altogether - Very frustrating if you've already been on the phone for ages.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
27 Jun 2015
So true. It all depends on who you speak to.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
28 Jun 2015
@tall-corn we also have generally good experience with Seller Support if we do feel the need we will escalate our issues for quick resolution
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
29 Jun 2015
I have had great CS support from eBay. With the "call back" option that was recently added, it makes it so much better than being on hold and getting dropped. All the reps I have talked too are knowledgeable, well spoken and easy to understand.
I have not tried their Outreach Program in over a year as it was not that helpful.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
30 Jun 2015
eBay support might be good if the people I spoke to actually understood what I was saying to them. If it does not follow their script they are lost.
I have spent up to 3 hours on the phone with them the past 5 months trying to resolve an issues of sold items relisting, then reselling and it's happened multiple times and each time I call about it I get the same run around, moved from dept to dept, even when I ask to speak with someone who speaks English, I just get someone with less of an accent. It just happened again today and I'm dreading calling them so much. it makes me want to just not bother but it affects my ratings so I have to.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
30 Jun 2015

Amazon easily seem to have the fairest and most consistent customer support of any marketplace. The only annoying thing with them is some of their patronising cut and paste replies.

eBay on the other hand, like others have said, can be brilliant or absolutely awful depending on who you get. I have lost count of the number of times we have been told on the telephone or on chat that this particular CS rep agrees with you but can not action it themselves but will pass it on to a senior colleague to deal with, only days later to have to repeat the same process as it has not been dealt with.

Customer service is one of the hardest things to get right in any business. There are rules and limits that should be adhered to, but there should also be a level of common sense and discretion. To get that balance right would be true customer service.
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
1 Jul 2015
I have had exactly the same problem with out of stock products relisting. My suggestion is to not use 'good till cancelled' use 30 days or less and then monitor all your listings on a daily basis. When the time is nearly up, end them your self, create a 'sell similar listing' (If appropriate and make sure to tweak them a little so they are recognised as a new listing, change the odd word, reorganise the text etc..). This will also have added benefits for your time. You can correct any mistakes, try different categories or titles and get a brand new listing for an old item, Its paid off for me and enabled me to sell older stock and keep a vigorous eye on all my listings.
Also make sure you check on your dashboard the 'out of stock' listings from the drop down menu in seller manager pro. You can then manually delete these as you sell.
I hope this helps.

PS. Just a thought - make sure if you are relisting/selling similar multi variation listings that you check the stock levels- eBay will not revise the original listing and then stock could show up that you have already sold. You will need to edit the quantities and remove sold stock.

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Max Meadows, VA United States
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Re: Experiences of marketplaces' seller support?
1 Jul 2015
eBay has been ok the few times I have called. I rarely call eBay - which is the way it should be. I have called twice in the last year or so - both times to remove unjustified negative feedback, both of them related to customs fees. While this has been well, I would much rather have a written ticketing system that would document the cases and keep from having to sit on hold - although the hold times have been very reasonable. I just hate calling for something that a quick written communication could resolve at a lower cost for all parties.

Amazon does have a ticketing system. My experiences are ok, not great. Most of the time I have to follow up multiple times because the AMZ employees are not really reading the email to determine the problem. In fact, I suspect that AMZ perhaps uses an automated response after scanning for key words in the service ticket. When I respond to the request, I usually get a much better response. One area where AMZ has had issues for us is trying to sell on AMZ outside of the US. They advertise this to US residents but provide very little in the way of support or explaining what is needed to do this.

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