Title: PLEASE help with foreign buyer chargeback

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Title: PLEASE help with foreign buyer chargeback
22 Aug 2006
I have sold a number of things on eBay and this is the first time a buyer has ever issued a chargeback against me. The buyer was granted a full refund from Paypal and now the buyer refuses to send the product back (an expensive Sony digital camera). What’s more is that the buyer is from France and will not communicate with me. I offered a refund to the buyer before he even initiated the chargeback and even tried to translate my messages with an online English to French translator. What I really think is that the buyer purposely initiated the chargeback to take the money back and also keep the product. His eBay user id is jbaraeuk and his email address is jbarasoufiane@yahoo.fr. I am posting this message to see if anybody knows of any way I can get my money or my product back and also to warn any sellers to avoid this buyer. I have tried to go through Paypal but they are not much help at all. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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