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Re: Ebay quantity/scarcity software
31 Mar 2019
Signed up for the system.
Tried to use for 60 days using the supplier on their poor help pages.
The system checked some listings and not others.
Put items out of stock in eBay while in stock with suppliers.
Put items in stock in Ebay while out of stock with supplier.
Re:priced incorrectly LOST MONEY
All that, only with the supplier from their help page. We expected at least this one to work. Tried another supplier and didn't work at all.

OVERCHARGED the two months. Got in contact with support, they presented me with another price list which is not on their website. I signed up for $29,95 per month for 250 listings and they came back with a price list saying 29,95 per 100 + $10 per more 100. Checked the website, and the 250 per 29,95 is still there.

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