Stockhandler is the Strongest & Most Affordable SAAS in eCom

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Stockhandler is the Strongest & Most Affordable SAAS in eCom
4 Jul 2015
I spotted stockhandler early thanks to a mention in a leading ecommerce info provider and I hurriedly met the team as I saw the possibilities and opportunity which could come from it.

I have been in ecommerce for 10 years. When the ecomm world was only eBay, the centralisation was great but as the world developed into 30+ ebays and 8+ Amazons, the centralisation of all inventory became impossible, As an ecomm executive, it pains me to see data and work being repeated countless times as I aim to have EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE in terms of all products on all marketplaces

Therefore when I saw Stockhandler's ease, affordability and Pricing Model in a demo in January, I knew that this was a leader in enabling 30 marketplaces to be as easy as one!
With the Support of Stockhandler staff, we had lift off and saw a difference of 50% in terms of sales in the first month. What's more, this was only the affect on one marketplace. I genuinely believe that £100,000 will become £500,000 a year on said marketplace within the next 6 months and the billing arrangement is perfect for us with no upfront costs etc.

Why? Because I enter one product image, one description and key features, click 10 buttons and BOOM, my product is now on 30 eBays all over the world. Then I use Stockhandler to manage it. Imagine 100 Products which would be listed in one day - then times this by 30 countries and you now have 3000 listings active in your first day of trading!

Right now, it is all we as a company use and I will never again produce a listing in the manual way. Try it out, have a quick demo and you will see what I mean without the massive capital cost up front which other providers will drop on you!
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