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9 Jul 2015

I hesitate to even give T-HUB 1 star. I tried the program with the 10 day trial. I thought we had worked out all the bugs until I actually paid for the service. Then the real trouble began. We process over $75,000 worth of orders a month. Needless to say I need my processes to work every day. T-hub works at best 50% of the time. We have had to create an actual manual of work arounds for all the error messages we get in a day.
It took over a week to get the 3 computers up and running on T-hub, they worked for 4 days and we logged on this morning and T-hub cannot connect to the database on any of our computers. We are again dead in the water.
Customer service does not have a phone number, and the online chat is never available. So you are forced to create a ticket and wait for them to email you with their suggestions. Typically you receive a suggested course of action, try it step by step, only to get another error message, email support again, find out they "missed a step".....it's a vicious cycle.
Finally they offer to remote access your computer (typically 24-48 hours after your problem started). The 2 times they have remote accessed my computers they have left the job half done, hang up and we are stuck with a non working program yet again.
This company is horrible! I would never recommend them to anyone!
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