Finding first few customers

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Finding first few customers
15 Jul 2015
I'm curious to find out from the group what was your experience in selling your first product? How did you go about finding your first few customers?
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Re: Finding first few customers
15 Jul 2015
Hi, I started on eBay, but it was many years ago. Just uploaded products and waited for a customers to come I was not impatient, as selling online was not my priority job that time, I was rather playing with it and frankly I did not believe that time I can make any reasonable money on it. I was patient - focused on something else. I just liked that parcels I send go to many different countries, on different continents. It was somehow fun to me, especially these were goods handmade by my uncle - satisfaction was doubled.

Sells did not soar, they happened from time to time with slowly (!) improving tendency. But someday I figured out, that if I have a product that sells 2-3 times a week with reasonable margin, then having 10-20 of such products would give some extra money and maybe would pay a few bills.

So my begginings were not impresive, but I was not under any pressure. If I would start today with a new product group, I would:
- open accounts on most important marketplaces (depeneding on what you sell)
- prepare perfect photos
- prepare good content
- upload your wares there were accounts were established
- ...wait and see what happens. Waiting time can be spent creatively by preparing your own webstore

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