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Asian Sourcing And Logistics Agent
17 Jul 2015

I am based out of Singapore and was actually looking to sell on Amazon at the urging of a friend who was seeing some success there. However, after some considering, I thought the time difference between Singapore and the US made it too difficult to properly service customers.

However, in the process of looking into this I saw that many US importers bought their products from Asia, especially China, where they face the same time difference in dealing with their suppliers. Not to mention that there can be issues with language, customs and even payment systems and standards. I think I can be of assistance to the importers (OEM, private label etc). I can speak Mandarin (many Singaporeans do) and Singapore is a short flight from China, especially the big manufacturing provinces on the eastern seaboard. From what I gather, some things importers could use are:
On the ground access to suppliers other than through Alibaba
Pre-screening of suppliers
Inspection before shipping/payment
Assistance in and escrow for payments to suppliers
Negotiation of lower MOQs
Arranging branding
Arranging packaging
Negotiation of pricing and specs and alternative quotes
New product ideas
Arrange cost effective shipping/airfreight through consolidating deliveries
I am keen to set up a business to offer a service arranging things like that for importers. I believe they could benefit from a regular liason they could go to to do things for them in the Asian time zone. They can take heart that, being from Singapore which has a sound and advanced financial and legal system, my service would need to be highly accountable. I also intend to recruit inspectors and administrators in China to have on the ground presence.

Is that something people in this forum would find useful? I would love to hear from you and see if I could be of service. If you wish to take this discussion offline, I can be reached at

Thank you.

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