Very Unsatisfied customer. Highly Not Recommended Company

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Very Unsatisfied customer. Highly Not Recommended Company
24 Jul 2015
As a client of ChannelAdvisor, I am telling you from experience what we went through extremely difficult hardships with the company.

We started in good faith and wanted to end in good faith. However, we were trying and trying to work with them, but all they want is your money and they are not willing to help you in any way. They promise you everything but they don't deliver. They promised that they will help us setup the process for eBay and Amazon, we paid extra set up fee for setting up each platform. However, they gave us inexperienced workers which misguided us causing us to lose thousands of dollars. Initially they told us the losses they caused us will be reimbursed. But when it came to pay, the company formed against us in a very unprofessional way, not to help out the customer.

We very much wanted to grow with ChannelAdvisor on all platforms however their behavior was ruthlessly unkind, unprofessional in this matter. After our mess up we found out that many other clients where going through the same hardships and even worse experiences with ChannelAdvisor.

Be extremely cautious with them as they promise you many things initially but the people employed there are very not well trained and very unkind and cause huge mess ups. So watch where you spend your money!! We highly recommend you not sign up with ChannelAdvisor!!
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