Solid Commerce Can't deliver

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Solid Commerce Can't deliver
28 Jul 2015
For starters there customer support is nonexistent. I call and always on Que for a representative, to always end up leaving a call back number and wait days to here back. After paying for the launch on eBay took them half a weeks to finally have someone contact me to launch it, After I complained, time is money in the e-commerce business. I expect the same day or next day launch. There File import and export system is useless. Files of product information you export and then import back in does not work. You have to remain the headers for certain columns. You would think you would expect a company to be able to expect and excel sheet in their own format. Which I did not tamper with other than inputting more product information. Instead there resolution to avoiding this Import and export feature on their platform dashboard, they told me to use a Excel add-on to do the import and export. When you finally manage to reach a human on the phone, they have a lack of knowledge of the product. If the first representative can figure or solve a problem they move your support request and escalated to their Tier 2 Support Team. Which FYI is another Representative with a little bit more understanding then the first one. Still not solving my problem the second time around. I reached Tier 3 before I actually managed to get to a person with knowledge on the platform, which solved my problem in literally 5 minutes. This took a few days the whole process for this easy fix! If I have anything positive to say about them it would be there pricer works fairly well and they are relatively cheap compared to competitors.
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Re: Solid Commerce Can't deliver
12 Oct 2015
@Domoing Commerce
We are so very happy to hear your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review regarding our company. We are growing and expanding our operations and in doing so we hope that this allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service to our clients. I would love to speak further with you and work to resolve any issue that you may have experienced with Solid Commerce. You can email me directly at Thank You!
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Re: Solid Commerce Can't deliver
6 Jan 2016

I hate form letter blow off responses like this! The customer had some real complaints, You responded with a form saying "Gee super happy you contacted us, We are just too busy growing the company sales to respond to complaints from customers ..."

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