Auto Bid using affilliate URL?

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Auto Bid using affilliate URL?
16 Sep 2006
Good afternoon.

I regularly bulk buy alot of items through sniping software. I have recently signed up to recieve cashback donations on every bid for a local charity. This means i launch eBay through an affiliate URL, which redirects to ebay. I can then bid and recieve a donation.

Is there any software which would allow me to snipe, or even make a normal bid using this affliiate url?

Many thanks guys
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Re: Auto Bid using affilliate URL?
17 Sep 2006
Hi Mike

There is a clause in the eBay affiliate program specifically about sniping software and sites, which simply says "No Sniping. You many not automatically place bids for users."

JBidWatcher built in affiliate links a while back but quickly changed back after being told it was not allowed by the affiliate program managers.
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