Eliminate Termplates; automate image capture

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Eliminate Termplates; automate image capture
21 Sep 2006
Are you tired of designing and maintaining Listing Templates? Do you have too many errors in posting your products to auction sites? Are your postings inconsistent? Does it take too much technical skill to enter attributes? Do you have to be an Excel expert in addition to understanding your products?

IHS Software can help. We simplify the entering of information by providing a user interface that eliminates working in templates and spreadsheets. We can also control a digital camera to automate the association of images with the products you list.

A properly designed user interface eliminates errors and provides consistency. You can control the values used for attributes and have consistent results from multiple listers. Control of the digital camera eliminates associating the wrong image with a product. We can also provide order picking fulfillment for successful orders.

IHS Software has 10 years experience providing software to control operational procedures. Our software is the Invisible Hand helping you. References are available from satisfied customers.

To hear more, contact Frank Ruffing at IHS Software, LLC.

Phone: 603-798-5322
Mobile: 603-491-2613
Email: fruffing@tds.net

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