I finally found an Inventory Management Software home!

A review of Skubana by rcalfor
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I finally found an Inventory Management Software home!
27 Aug 2015
I've spent the better part of this year hunting for a inventory management solution. Which is no easy task and I've finally found the right one for me. I've used everything from Sellbrite, Ecomdash, SellerActive, TradeGecko, StitchLabs, Linnworks to name a few.

I discovered Skubana during a webinar earlier this year. Chad Rubin, CEO of Skubana (with a huge Amazon business to his credit as well) walked the audience through the system and its current and future features. I was immediately intrigued and impressed. I could tell that Chad understood what was missing with many of the other providers. Some of the other competing software systems are built by sellers themselves too, yet sometimes you get the feeling that these sellers stopped selling to build their software and have lost touch with their selling roots. These other software programs seemed to have plenty of the basics but lacked functionality for sellers who were managing growing businesses or had more advanced needs or complex operations.

I started using Skubana during their beta period this past May and have been enormously happy ever since. Skubana is capable of managing businesses both small and large with every tool necessary to set up shop across multiple sales platforms, geographies and supply chains. Not to mention, Skubana's monthly cost doesn't come close to the ransom amounts that are charged by its competitors. LOL

Equally as important, is customer and technical support of the system. I've worked with some providers that make you want to strangle the folks on the other end of the phone or email. Who cares how quick and responsive they are if they talk to you like you are 5 years old and its your first time to the rodeo?

The team that supports Skubana has been fantastic. It has often felt like I am their only customer because they have generously given so much of their time to me while I have been using the software.

You know a provider appreciates your feedback and suggestions for certain, when you see it get implemented very quickly after you share it with them. On one occasion, Chad pulled together a conference call on the fly with myself, members of his development and support team to quickly hash out details on a specific feature, how it would work, and how it would be implemented etc. The results of this conversation was implemented in less than two days after it took place. Who else does that? Right.. nobody.

Almost every week, the team is releasing new features, improvements and fixes to the system. It is refreshing to see that they are always innovating, improving and moving with a speed that you don't see very often at other companies..

Finally, my business is growing like crazy since using Skubana. It is difficult to quantify how much of that growth is attributable to Skubana, but I chalk up a good chunk of it to using it. Skubana has allowed me to develop a presence on the platforms like Amazon in a way that I couldn't do myself manually which has translated to more units flying off the shelf than ever before. As well as manage inventory and sales in a much more effortless way without all the manual input/effort.

Hell, I ran my entire business while traveling both domestically and internationally this past summer using only my iPhone.. .. And I know what you're thinking.. You can't even pull up your stuff using those competing providers on your phone.. trust me I know. I tried that too.
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