Help!! We need a affortable Configurator!!

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Help!! We need a affortable Configurator!!
22 Sep 2006
We are a startup eBay seller and we are planning to sell computer system and parts on ebay. We do have our own web site and a function call configurator on it. It's working wonderfully on our site and generates 60% of our current profit because when most people buy computers, they tend to upgrade the default setting a bit, and that's where the money comes in.

However, I don't see such thing on ebay, most people are using static descriptions. I have googled out two ebay solutions does what I want, the ChannelAdvisor & the infopidia. But they charge an arm and a leg for it. I am looking at $1800 setup fee and $800/mo + $0.75/sale. That's something we can not afford due to the low profit margin (10%-15%) of the industry. Does anybody know a cheaper solution does what I want?? Thank you for your advice!
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Re: Help!! We need a affortable Configurator!!
23 Sep 2006
Hi, welcome to the site

To the best of my knowledge, Infopia and ChannelAdvisor Merchant are the only solutions using eBay's configurator. There is no other legitimate way of selling buyer-configurable products on eBay.

Here are links for others who might not be familiar with Configurators:
For developers:
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