Channel Advisor M vs Laris

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Channel Advisor M vs Laris
22 Sep 2006
Ok, so I clicked on a google advert when searching for shipping management, and came across this Laris thing. Unfortunately, there's no testimonials and no news (it looks like it's new). You have to search for laris software to find them on google.

Anyone have any experience with them? Are there any other management solutions that will compare to CA M (ie. manage my eBay store and website/promotion) that don't cost so d*** much?

We're doing about 250 listings per month, but expect that to grow very soon. Don't want to wait until we NEED new software before I figure this out.
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Re: Channel Advisor M vs Laris
25 Sep 2006
Have you tried Andale listing products?
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Re: Channel Advisor M vs Laris
3 Oct 2006
Hey Sail,

I have been using Laris for a few weeks, it's just like Channel Advisor Merchant but the interface is clearer and most importantly it's a lot cheaper. I think it's pretty new which is why there aren't many reviews yet, but it works great for me and my fabrics! When I got it they were offering a free trial, maybe they still are... Best of luck!

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Re: Channel Advisor M vs Laris
17 Nov 2006
Laris looks like kyosuououououou re-branded......and i wonder why? Who can ever spell or remeber that name!
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Re: Channel Advisor M vs Laris
17 Nov 2006
The problem with Kyozou is their server. Completely unreliable...
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Re: Channel Advisor M vs Laris
21 Nov 2006
Kyozou has fixed many of their earlier "beta" problems now that they have enterprise level clients. Server reliability and customizability, as well as many new features have been realized.

We spent a very long time researching potential software partners to support our business model. Kyozou's capabilities came out far in front.

So where do we come in?

Sell Center focuses on the small to medium sized business. As powersellers and multi-venue sellers ourselves, we have a perspective that the software companies don't.

We can show you not only how to use our software, but how to harness the features the software provides and turn them into more sales more profitably. We help clients improve their efficiency while increase sales by the time they're out of the training process.

Our clients are very happy with the level of service we have provided them, and we continue to take on new clients daily. Please check us out if you are interested.
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