What % of your sales are international?

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What % of your sales are international?
4 Sep 2015
Let's keep it simple this time!

What proportion of your sales are to international buyers?

That could be by total value or by number of orders - you decide, but it would be interesting to let us know which it is. Give both if you like
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Re: What % of your sales are international?
4 Sep 2015
International sales is one place that eBay shines over Amazon. I would say that 5% of my sales are international, with the majority coming from Ebay. I really like that they consolidate packages here in the US, and ship in a container to the destination country, and that the import duties are all pre-paid. I once had a $400 item that was lost in shipment,, and they reimbursed me the full amount.

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Re: What % of your sales are international?
4 Sep 2015
Based on the last three months sales:

Overall sales 60% UK, 25% ROW, 15% Europe ( based on number of sales)
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Re: What % of your sales are international?
6 Sep 2015
Through June it was 27.2% international vs the USA. Last year it was 33% for the year. The strengthening of the dollar relative to the Euro is the big impact.
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Re: What % of your sales are international?
10 Sep 2015

Almost 100% of our sales are international. Due to the corruption, they are many hidden rules selling in China domestic market. So companies like us good at international market, are awkward in domestic market. The rules are totally different. In international market, you pay more attention in product design, quality management, cut your cost & get lower prices. While for domestic market, you stay all night out with officials, you must give them kick-backs, must accompany them to Sauna, KaraOK, to get the orders. Totally different. So we are more comfortable with market competition, not that kind of relationship.
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Re: What % of your sales are international?
17 Sep 2015
Almost 95% is outside UK. Our focus tends to be where no one else has been before ! So we open up new markets both B2C and B2B and support this development and challenging customs procedures and delivery / trading options.

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