Hands down the worst customer support on the planet!

A review of Atandra T-HUB by Vonderbach
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Hands down the worst customer support on the planet!
4 Sep 2015
We upgraded our store and thub stopped working. So I tried to call thub...no answer. Typical. So we opened a ticket. It took two days to get someone to actually start to resolve the problem. They tried to login to our ftp using SSL (completely unnecessary) and when they couldn't use SSL they claimed it didn't work. There's no reason for SSL just to verify files. So they ask to share my screen. I proceed to tell them what is wrong...they don't understand. I tell them that their script is calling for a file that does not exist. This is when the tech agent says he doesn't know php. I lose it! I tell him to get someone on the chat that knows PHP since THAT'S THE PLATFORM I'M USING!!!! The tech proceeds to disconnect and tells me to contact them via email.

I'm done and over with these clowns.

Why is there no ZERO stars option?
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