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4 Sep 2015
We have been using Solid Commerce for 2 years. I want to give it a fair review hoping they will take my points seriously and implement some improvements.
Overall - does not live up to Sales Person claim and expectations. Integration process took 4-6 months. The sales person claim it would take only 1 month.

Accounting Software integration - does not work. We were promised 2 years ago they would work on it as we use bundles/kits in our selling environment. After 2 years, nothing.

High staff turnover - we are on our 5th customer service liaison in 2 years. 4th contact person for the year

Inventory kits – we signed up for Solid Commerce specifically for its ability to create kits. However, this function is flawed. Our inventory would often disappeared - going from 160 units negative 6 units without explanations, and consequently taking down all the related listings. It’s been an on going problems for 2 years –without resolutions.

Reporting – poor reporting system. You cannot easily generate sales figures and cost of good sold. I’m paying for someone externally each month to generate vital reports. Without accounting integration – this is our work around.

eBay listings – very difficult. Solid Commerce’s ebay templates have flaws. It often would not recognize built in payment terms. So we would have to manually fix each listing. It’s not most efficient ebay lister – it returns with errors often. This is one of the most time consuming process for us. The new ebay UPC, MPN requirements are pushing SC over it’s limits - we have not been able to list efficiently for over 1 month. It takes over 2 weeks now trying to relist 130 listings - and resolve all the solid commerce error message.

Amazon – Ok. We have not been able to find a solution to toggle between FBA and FMA. If you accidently push out item from your inventory into Amazon without updating the selling price – Solid Commerce will list your item at COST. Very dangerous and weird programming. We do not use Solid Commerce for amazon repricing – it didn’t work for us. We only use SC to list and connect to inventory. We use another program for repricing.

Multiple spreadsheets required for updates- I am not sure about other systems, but with Solid Commerce there is no way to update prices uniformly at a single contact point. If you need to make 1 price change, and you are working with 5 sales channels – you would have to upload that information 5 times. After that – you would have to wait 15-30 minutes, and check if all those channels got updated without errors. It’s a very time consuming and manual process.

Pricing – Fair. If all the functions works within Solid Commerce and staffing are more consistent I think the monthly cost is fair, cheaper than ChannelAdvisors.

Requirements for getting into Solid Commerce – MUST be extremely patient and extremely proficient with Excel. There are so many bugs with the system – you have to be able to come up with workarounds for your needs. There is a high learning curve with this system. At least 6 months – 1 year of training. This is not for beginners who’s dabbling in selling online. The product info has to be enter in html. Categories are entered as numbers. Person who can successfully using this system must be detail orientated and have very good command of excel, essentially someone who is a database technician.

Advise for choosing a system – I would advise folks who are shopping – forget all the bells and whistles. Focus in on the stability of the functions you really need and the after sale support.

Why are we still using Solid Commerce – SC is currently an integral part of our business. An integrated business software is like a marriage, we want to see it succeed, grow and improve. It would be an expensive divorce if we were to migrate to another system and retrain staff. With that said, we are open t
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