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Mobile Responsive Design
5 Sep 2015
Do you think we really need a mobile Responsive eBay Listing ?
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Re: Mobile Responsive Design
6 Sep 2015
@daytodayeBay Depending on who you ask, at least about half of all internet traffic is mobile. So respectfully, my opinion would be "Yes".
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Re: Mobile Responsive Design
7 Sep 2015
If the choice is between a standard HTML design and a responsive HTML design then I would say definitely responsive. It doesn't make sense to invest in a design that isn't responsive.

But if the choice is between no design (formatted text but no layout) and a responsive design you have more to weigh up. With eBay suppressing the description on mobile there's not much to gain with a HTML design there BUT you would also miss out on showing your brand to desktop buyers.

For someone starting out I say don't have a design, for businesses I say go responsive.
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Re: Mobile Responsive Design
8 Sep 2015
Call me a dummy but I don't know I do with eBay. I just use turbo llster and what ever eBay does eBay does.

However about half my sales come from mobile devices of some sort.

it is good to find out that eBay does not show descriptions to mobiles.

I am teaching myself Word Press and using a free theme which is reactive to show well on mobiles.

It only makes sense to choose a reactive theme if you are starting from scratch.
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Re: Mobile Responsive Design
12 Sep 2015
A responsive design does seem to help, at least in our case.

We went from Frooition (non responsive) to WidgetChimp (responsive) and experienced a massive increase in sales virtually overnight.

Tests on our own listings do show that a responsive design does show higher in results on Google mobile than text only designs, but this is just us and in no way reflects the majority of listings.

However a survey of our customers shows that buyers are moving away from the app and are searching eBay more on their browser possibly due to the limitations of the eBay app or maybe the increase in screen size available. This is certainly something to bear in mind.

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