One of the best programs for today!

A review of Myibidder by herbertwells1970
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One of the best programs for today!
6 Sep 2015
myibay Auction sniper software - programs that without you place a bet on your chosen eBay-auction. Here are the main benefits of using Auction Snipers:
1) Firstly, it is convenient. You no longer have to sit at the computer Saturday night, nervously waiting for the end of the listing. You also have to keep in mind during the end of the 10 different lots ... Using auction sniper, you can place a bet in advance and instruct the program to make a bet in the last 2-3 seconds of the auction!
2) Secondly, auction sniping saves you money! If you start to bet a few days before the auction ends, while trying to kill any new bid to remain the leader - stop. This strategy is at hand only for the seller, since this you cheat the final price of goods. That you have to pay for it later. Therefore, the "eminent" people have long been used sniper software on an ongoing basis by programming the tender in the closing seconds.
3) You can always change your mind and cancel the bid if you find a better deal. All you have to do - remove the lot in the interface of your sniper service.
The main advantage of a program in my opinion is that the rate after you asked her to bid sniper, is done from the server, even when the computer is turned off.

There are versions for iOS, Android and Windows.
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