How to ship stock to Amazon Mexico FBA?

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How to ship stock to Amazon Mexico FBA?
8 Sep 2015
Now that Amazon Mexico have opened their doors we've made our inventory available to buy, but have hit a brick wall when it comes to shipping to FBA in Mexico.

According to Amazon we require an RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) tax number to ship to them. There's not a great deal of information available online as to how to set this up and aside from having a quick jaunt over to Mexico (nice as that would be) we're struggling to progress, even with a native Spanish speaker in the office.

Does anyone have any information about how to successfully ship stock to Amazon Mexico?

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Re: How to ship stock to Amazon Mexico FBA?
8 Jan 2016

Being a US Customs broker on the US/Mexico border, I would suggest that you import your goods into Mexico through a "Commercializadora" or trading company. They use their import license to import goods in their name, you pay the taxes and import fees, they provide you with a Mexican invoice that shows the merchandise value and the taxes and fees paid.

This is the only way to import into Mexico unless you are a registered importer. You can become a registered importer with an RFC (Tax ID) and a fiscal address and virtual office/phone, etc. through various companies in Mexico that offer the service set up.

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