looking for a top to bottom solution

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looking for a top to bottom solution
25 Sep 2006
Hello all,
I've been reading posts for a week or so and it's good to see eBayers helping eachother out. I prefer web based but am open to desktop systems as well. I sell only on ebay. About 75 items per week, average price $50. Im tired of copying and pasting adresses and making shipping labels manually. We don't use paypal, instead auctioncheckout.com which uses the authorize.net gateaway.

I need a solution that incorporates a checkout system that will automate the proces of tracking orders, tracking payment, printing labels, etc. This is the most important requirement, my profit margin is high so I dont mind paying a fair price to cut down my labor. Prefer to use the authorize.net gateway unless there is another easy non-paypal way.
Also I would like to be able to import financial data to quickbooks.
I need either a web based solution or a both mac and pc compatible desktop solution.
Basically I am looking for the solution that will automate the majority of the process of selling on ebay; from listing, inventory management, email , through the checkout process ( emphasis on NON-PAYPAL checkout) , shipping label creation, automatic email notification to buyer when item is shipped, and in the end exporting to quickbooks.
So far I have heard
Marketworks ( willing to pay the 2% if it is solid, but i've heard mixed reviews... workings with the authorize.net gateway which is a bonus)
MarketBlast ( dont think they have the integrated checkout process im looking for
eSellerPro ( so far nothing but good things )
Auctivia (havent heard much but i know it does support authorize.net payment processing )

Thanks ahead of time for all your help!
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Re: looking for a top to bottom solution
27 Sep 2006

I think it may be difficult for you to find an easy solution. I'm not sure why you dont want to use paypal but I assume it is because of the fees. If you go with AuctionSound, you can accomplish everything you want very easily, with the exception of the paypal restriction. Any money you may lose to paypal will be tempered by the ease of the automation of the process. If your issue with paypal is something other than the fees, then forget what I just said. Without paypal, a lot more of your activity may have to be done manually. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


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