ProGuide:How to create private label products for Amazon FBA

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ProGuide:How to create private label products for Amazon FBA
10 Sep 2015
Hey guys, I did some extensive research and created a definitive guide for finding the product that's right for you to sell on Amazon. Hopefully this can be the guide to end all guides and you can make some use of it. It includes some solid fundamental content but also a lot of new and helpful info that I think will be useful to new sellers and especially to sellers who are trying to come up with their 2nd or third projects. I just copy and pasted the article from our site, it doesn't have the pictures or diagrams but you'll get the gist of it.

"Finding the right Private label product idea for you

This is the one of the most crucial steps because everything else can be done perfectly and if we don’t choose a good product, we could possibly fail and lose our investment. That’s why the planning at the product selection phase should be researched carefully and not be rushed.

The first and most important thing you’ll be doing is finding a product to private label. This is the hardest step but with enough research and preparation you’ll be able to create a product that generates income for you on autopilot.

So lets look at some simple ways to come up with your idea:
Reach out: See what issues your friends, family, and others are having. You can try asking on Facebook or Reddit. People are using products and facing problems that need to be solved every single day. Ask them about the products and problems that could be improved in their daily lives.

Write your ideas down: Whether it’s in a notebook or on your phone, jot down ideas or products that you find cool and interesting. This could be on your way to work/school, going to the grocery store, you name it. There are opportunities everywhere.
Look on Amazon or Ebay: There are extensive listings and probably any product you can think about are on those platforms. We’ll be taking a look at the technique behind vetting products on these platforms a little later on.

Solve the problems you have: Often times we look outside of ourselves to find the answers we’re looking for but sometimes the answers we’re looking for are right under our noses. Solving your own problems could also solve problems that other have as well. What things annoy you or are things you don’t like to deal with? Can it be fixed? What do you enjoy doing? Could you sell products related to it? What do you purchase on a regular basis? Could this be something you could sell? Find a way to fix other people’s problems by solving your own and you could very well make your own product

More advanced approach to coming up with ideas:
Check out what’s selling on the Amazon Best Sellers and Amazon Movers and Shakers. This should be a great source of inspiration for ideas. Also check out eBay completed listings.

Coming up with ideas for Private label products
You can use Amazon best seller lists, also take a look at movers and shakers for more ideas. It’s a great place to look for new product ideas because you can see what the top selling items are.

Go on the page and take a look at the best selling products. Look through the different categories and subcategories. You’ll want to make sure that the products you find pass the criteria we've set up earlier in the article. Also keep in mind that some categories aren’t good for private labeling or have big brand names selling in them already.

Choose a category that you’re interested in or gravitated to already. Choose an area of products where you don’t need name brand to sell. Things like: appliances, kitchenware, home décor, pet accessories, phone accessories, etc. Pick a product category you are interested in and makes money. The top categories on Amazon are Supplements, Health and Beauty, Kitchen and Dining, and Mobile Accessories. Two low competition categories are “Sports and Outdoors” and “Travel”

For those of you who want to read the entire article, you can find it here:

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