USA or UK drop-off software pricing

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USA or UK drop-off software pricing
25 Sep 2006
What a shame !!! I have been researching and trying out auction consignment software, I had narrowed my choice of software to two well known programs to this website, AuctionSound and AuctionWagon. I then looked at Liberty 4 Trading Assistants, I liked the website, I liked the look of the software, I even liked the pricing structure. But!!! if you are from the UK lookout. When you contact Resaleworld you will be directed to their reseller in the UK and guess what!!! Double the Price (well almost). Then when you overcome the battle with yourself (are you getting value, are you not getting value) contact the UK vendor and ask about the program, downloads, backup etc etc, quite a different story to the one on the US website. Oh well, back to my first two choices Auctionsound and Auctionwagon, both seem good folks, they say what it is, its priced the same whether you are US or UK based, perhaps thats why they both have five star ratings on this site, as apposed to three stars for Liberty 4 Trading Assistants. I'm almost sure where my POUNDS / DOLLARS will be spent.
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Re: USA or UK drop-off software pricing
27 Sep 2006

I work for AuctionSound. Making a business software choice is, as you know, a very important decision. I would be more than happy to give you a 20 minute demo on auctionsound whenever you have time. I believe it is the industry standard, but you should make that decision for yourself. The U.K. version of our software is the same price as the U.S. version. It is fully compatible with eBay U.K. We offer live tech support as well. Auctionsound is web-based and can handle your customers, listings, image hosting, reporting, and financials. Don't hesitate to contact me. I can have you up and running within 24 hrs after you make your decision. You can email me at or call 813-289-5332 ext 235.
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Re: USA or UK drop-off software pricing
8 Oct 2006
Hi, Wesellittelford,

Your profile shows you as a US seller, where do you plan to open your business?

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