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ecommerce SEO
12 Sep 2015
Although I don't own an ecommerce store myself, I have/do work with many. Through this, I've seen just how brutally competitive the niche is & how difficult it can be to get ranked for your product/keyword. So this is where we come in. First, here's a $2 about us.


What the heck is it: SEO is an exciting, high-stakes game. Millions of dollars of targeted traffic is up for grabs by those with the skills to capture it. Succeed at SEO and you'll be rewarded with endless streams of interested visitors. Fail and your website languishes in obscurity. The bad news is that in this game the rules change weekly, and one of the world’s most powerful corporations tries their darndest to keep everyone in the dark. Fortunately, search engines aren’t the only ones who can leverage the power of machine learning to rank websites. Anyone can do it, as long as they’re willing to assemble a 100 billion+ node linkgraph, analyze over 300,000 websites, and tap some of the world’s smartest minds to make sense of all the data. This is the story of the team crazy enough to tackle that challenge and in the process invent a totally new kind of SEO software. SEO can be very boring and "unsexy"....CanIRank tries to 180 both of those and help small businesses rank.

Here is a recent blog post we did on "How To Outrank Amazon: 5 Experts Share Their Secrets." which I hope is useful for all those with an ecommerce store.

About us (a little bragging): Us, (the CanIRank team) is small and tight knit. We are based out of the States and Canada only so don't do any oversea SEO work. Many consultants and agencies in our price range offshore your work to India or the Philippines, which leads to low quality content and often to Google penalties. Instead of offshoring, we keep our rates competitive by automating as much of the "busy work" as possible, so all of our consultant time goes towards the things that really matter, like coming up with compelling content and engaging with your customers in an authentic way. That means all of your fees are going towards what really matters: smart people to improve your website!

Give it a shot: We JUST released a new and improved version of our tool which has lots of man hours and cups of coffee behind it. And we made it FREE so you can see if it is actually what you're looking for! If not, thanks for checking it out! If it is, right on!

Always open to any questions, comments, or feedback (good or bad).

Mel G.
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